Devin Wesley presents The Super/Human Series

Devin Wesley presents The Super/Human Series
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The Super/Human series is a four-painting collection inspired by the black community in today’s society. “My inspiration came from wanting to create modern versions of characters that we know and love; with the hopes of honoring the original characters and inspiring a younger generation”. Devin created this series to honor his lifelong passion for the comic book universe while constructing a parallel narrative between black people and superheroes.

Devin used controversial and relevant topics such as police brutality, gender roles, adolescence and identity to inspire each piece in this series. His perspective is that people of color have to navigate these topics daily and learn how to stand strong in this world very similar to some of our most beloved superheroes. “I think the original story of Peter Parker/Spider-Man mirrors closely to the experience of black men – Learning how to navigate the world as a young man while also accepting there are a set of unspoken rules for black men that you have to live by in order to survive”.

Devin’s belief is that being a minority in today’s world requires incredible resilience and strength. Through this work he wants to remind people of color that we are all heroes and have the ability to inspire others; through times of hardship, prejudice and judgment, we will always rise stronger.  

Devin Wesley’s Super/Human series is currently available for purchase through the bG Gallery in Santa Monica, California.

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