DAVID REIMONDO: Cromofonetica

DAVID REIMONDO: Cromofonetica
David Reimondo, Onda Cromofonica, 2017. Glicée print on cotton paper, loudspeakers and MP3 cards. Courtesy the Artist, Mazzoleni, London - Torino

DAVID REIMONDO: Cromofonetica
21 March 2024 – 31 May 2024
Mazzoleni, Torino
Piazza Solferino, 2
10121 Torino

DAVID REIMONDO. Cromofonetica will explore the artistsCromofonetica, a neologism coined by Reimondo to describe his research into a new and personal theory of colour. Neuropsychiatric studies and archaeological research have revealed, in recent years, that not only in the moment of birth can we associate meaning with primordial symbols (the stylized shapes of a face, for example: two points and a straight line arranged in an oval), but that man was a pictor, before sapiens. That is that the Neanderthals were already using colours and pictograms, proving that shapes and colours are the basis of pre-verbal communication.

DAVID REIMONDO: Cromofonetica
David Reimondo, Georges Seurat, 2023. Book, wood, glass, 57 x 77,2 x 10,5cm.
Courtesy the Artist, Mazzoleni, London – Torino

Reimondo’s work focuses on the human being. With his consistent research into the body of work Etimografia – another of his neologisms – Reimondo carries out a complex exercise of cultural de-training towards a linguistic tabula rasa that has led him to invent a new sign and phonetic system. With Cromofonetica therefore, the language is reborn in a new phonetic grammar that, thanks to the use of syllables connected to colour, expresses this new theory of colour and the interaction between them in an intuitive and primordial way.

DAVID REIMONDO: Cromofonetica
David Reimondo, Onda Cromofonica, 2017, Giclée print on cotton paper, loudspeakersand MP3 cards, 90 x 225 cm.
Courtesy the Artist, Mazzoleni, London – Torino

With playful wisdom and a rigorous, precise and aesthetically highly curated rendering, Reimondo’s exhibition presents the corpus of the Cromofonetica: from Etimo-Cromofonetica (2019), a large-scale installation work, to Onda Cromofonica (2017) and Colorful (2016), in which the immersion of the viewer’s senses is already total, up to the site-specific works produced for the exhibition in which the sound, visual and intellectual experience reaches its maximum expression, involving and surprising visitors with unexpected presences always linked to the universe of colour.

The exhibition will revolve around new artworks dedicated to the protagonists of Art History. Each piece features an open book showcasing a specific work. The artist analyses the works main colours and through the use of a system of speakers placed inside the case that houses the publication, broadcasts its ‘chromatic description’. This sound possesses a unique and distinctive character for each work, reinstating the artist’s interpretation. Using the Cromofonetica ‘language’, the artist creates new and immersive works, offering a new way to experience these volumes and the works depicted in them.

On the occasion of the exhibition, the first monograph dedicated to David Reimondo will be published, edited by Silvana Editoriale, with texts by Ilaria Bernardi, Milovan Farronato, Federico Leoni, Gaspare Luigi Marcone, Andrea Moro and Federico Vercellone.

DAVID REIMONDO: Cromofonetica
David Reimondo, Cromo-morfo-fonetica (Cerchio), Acrylic paint on cotton paper. 40x35cm.
Courtesy the Artist, Mazzoleni, London – Torino

In Reimondo’s practice, interaction, collaboration and exchange with other subjects and realities are fundamental. The colour apparatus utilised is derived from NCS – Natural Colour System®©, a universal colour collection, characterised by a logical ordering of shades. In the course of research, the comparison with NCS Colour Centre Italia was an integral aspect, especially due to its methodological rigor and systematic organisation. The NCS®© Colour System, facilitated the optimisation of the biunivocal correspondence between two apparently unrelated visual categories: standard colour and artistic sign.

The exhibition’s technical sponsor is COVEMA Paints, a historic paint manufacturer since 1962, who worked closely with the artist to create 109 colour shades, transforming the concepts of Cromofonetica into matter. Together with students from the 2nd year Graphic Design course at the European Institute of Design in Turin, the artist and the gallery conducted an in-depth study of the exhibition, its layouts and communication. The participants’ works are published in a dedicated gallery on mazzoleniart.

DAVID REIMONDO: Cromofonetica opens on the 21st of March 2024 until the 31st of May 2024 at Mazzoleni, Torino

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