David Mach RA: Materialism and Mach

David Mach RA: Materialism and Mach

David Mach RA: Materialism and Mach
13th June, 2024 – 6th July, 2024
Anise Gallery
The Old Chapel
27-33 Malham Road
SE23 1AH

Turner Prize-nominated Scottish sculptor David Mach RA brings Materialism and Mach, an exciting new solo exhibition, to Anise Gallery – a beautiful 19th century Zionist chapel turned arts space in Forest Hill.

The exhibition features The Thief, a 9ft figure constructed from hundreds of coat hangers. Crucified, stretched, seemingly in agony, casting its shadow over the exhibition. Imposing and daring, the sculpture emanates a strong sense of pain and suffering, which conflicts with its aesthetic beauty. 

The Thief was originally showcased as one of the three thieves from Golgotha– David’s shocking, seminal 2016 sculpture installed in the 14th century walls of Chester Cathedral. The figure is now completely recontextualized, going rogue to be exhibited on its own in London for the first time

David also presents an innovative VR reimagining of his landmark The Destruction of Jericho collage. Inviting visitors to sit inside a car David has parked in the gallery before putting on headsets for an immersive VR art experience.

Alongside The Thief and The Destruction of Jericho are a selection of David’s striking, large-scale collages.

For four decades David Mach has been one of the UK’s most successful, revered artists. He uses matchsticks, magazines, shipping containers, coat hangers, tyres, teddy bears and many other found materials to create unforgettable sculptures, installations, and collages. David has created installations in nightclubs, parks, a brothel, swimming pools, moving tube trains, and in the ashtray of a Hillman Imp car – reportedly belonging to Jarvis Cocker. David’s smaller-scale sculptures, made from matchsticks and magazines, are often burnt by the artist as performance art.

David Mach RA: Materialism and Mach

His dramatic 1983 debut into public art protesting the nuclear arms race wasso controversial a member of the public tried to burn it down. Since then, David has created iconic public sculptures like Out of Order, his 1989 tumbling telephone box installation in Kingston-Upon-Thames, Train, his homage to the world’s first public steam railway in Darlington, and Big Heids, his freight container tribute to Lanarkshire’s steel industry. David was elected a Royal Academy member in 1998.

Materialism and Mach opens at the new Anise Gallery. After 10 successful years at Shad Thames, the gallery has now relocated to Forest Hill.

David Mach RA: Materialism and Mach opens on the 13th of June, 2024 until the 6th of July, 2024 at Anise Gallery

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