THE 7 SINS is Scottish artist Craig Black’s first independent exhibition at London’s protein studios that saw Black performing a live acrylic fusion painting art installation as part of the project.

Black has collaborated with The Midnight Club and propels his popular acrylic fusion series with a unique depiction of the 7 Sins. Each sin is a 1.1 football replica cast from poured resin and will be available to purchase in physical form with an NFT certificate.


Black’s expression is embedded over various objects, including chairs, footballs and Nike air jordans, and he is well known for his bespoke offerings, such as typography lettering and visual identities. Many would claim they could replicate Black’s technique; however, there’s much more than meets the eye than just pouring paint.

Craig in action

Art Plugged attended Craig’s exhibition to see him blur the digital and physical realms. As Craig performed in front of a packed house, fuelled by the excitement of the enthusiastic crowd hanging on every moment of his movement.

Black’s smoothly fused his trademark marbling effect over seven resin footballs and a giant sphere, all while making what could have been an arduous task look effortless.

Craig’s live painting merges his artistic flair with the fascination of blending colours that generate an incredible aesthetic, making it a fun night of entertainment and art. We wonder what Craig will conjure up next?

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