Conor Murgatroyd: RELATION

Conor Murgatroyd: RELATION
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Conor Murgatroyd: RELATION
11th August, 2021 – 15th September 2021
Lychee One
Unit 1, The Gransden
39 Gransden Avenue,
E8 3QA
Online 11th August, 2021 – 15th September 2021

Lychee One is delighted to debut RELATION, a body of work by British painter Conor Murgatroyd. RELATION explores the artist’s documentation of the lineage in emotional human relationships through the depiction of physical and visceral senses, under the guise of still life’s, landscapes, and traditional portraiture.

Conor Murgatroyd: RELATION

Murgatroyd is known for his contemporary interpretation of classic themes and structures in his paintings. In his boldly coloured pieces, he combines art historical references with images of objects, interiors, landscapes and people that comprise the fabric of his everyday life.

Using pure colour to continually experiment with the three-dimensional world around him, he confounds expectations of scale and vantage point, causing the paintings to become vessels to emotional abstraction. This abstraction is exemplified within the works that display meta-frames, the painted frame within the physical frame of the canvas, reflecting back on Murgatroyd’s role as a painter and the subjects he depicts. This creates a continuous conversation between the artist, the viewer, and the various paintings within the painting, allowing the picture to reflect back into itself.

Conor Murgatroyd: RELATION
Lovište Landscape, 2021

The painted frame acts to contain the image and the physical canvas frame acts to contain the painting. This duality creates an uninterrupted conversation between the image and the painting. The work takes on a new function so as to highlight the cultural link to Bosnia, where his muse grew up, and the symbols of his own childhood growing up in England, emphasising how they have become eternally intertwined.

Images of the artist’s muse, close relatives, and domestic surroundings recur in his paintings, revealing the importance of familial dynamics in shaping time, space, culture, and identity. Continuing his investigation of a very intimate environment, Murgatroyd fuses artistic influences of Henri Matisse, David Hockney, Edward Hopper, Henri Fantin-Latour, and Pierre Bonnard. The artist samples subjects from his own life, filling compressed picture planes with figures, plants, and objects that Murgatroyd reimagines suspended in time.

This body of work moves through generations and looks at the cultural Bes between human beings, through our relationships bound by, love, hope, joy, and fear, thereby creating an overarching feeling of togetherness.

Conor Murgatroyd: RELATION opens on the 11th of August, 2021 until the 15th of September 2021 at Lychee One

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