Clarke Reynolds: 5 Degrees of Vision

Clarke Reynolds

Clarke Reynolds: Degrees of Vision
February 15, 2024 to March 15, 2024
Grove Gallery
156 New Cavendish St,
Fitzrovia, London,

Clarke is an award-winning artist known for his innovative use of braille as an artistic medium. By using a singular technique of embossing braille dots onto paper and other materials to create striking visual artworks that also incorporate texture and touch. His art challenges perceptions of what visual art can be and pushes the boundaries of accessibility.

Clarke Reynolds: 5 Degrees of Vision

Following his critically acclaimed debut solo exhibition, ‘The Power of Touch,’ in early 2023, ‘5 Degrees of Vision,’ features all new works that offer Reynolds’ signature exploration of light, shadow, and the relationship between the visual and the tactile. The exhibition takes its name from Reynolds’ limited residual vision, which allows him to perceive changes in light and shadow, enabling a unique artistic perspective.

“As a blind artist, I have a very different relationship with visual perception that informs my work in interesting ways,” says Reynolds. “I aim to create art that can be appreciated by all, regardless of one’s ability to see. My braille embossing is a bridge between the visual and the tactile, allowing anyone to have an enriching experience of my art through touch or sight or both.” – Clarke Reynolds

Clarke Reynolds: 5 Degrees of Vision

The opening night of ‘5 Degrees of Vision’ will be celebrated on Thursday, February 15, from 6 to 9 pm at Grove Gallery (123 Grove Rd, Fitzrovia, London). The exhibition will run through March 15, and admission is free. Clarke Reynolds will be present at the opening night and periodically throughout the exhibition.

Clarke Reynolds: 5 Degrees of Vision opens on February 15, 2024 until March 15, 2024 at Grove Gallery

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