British contemporary artist Lauren Baker launches ‘Light Messages For The Soul’

14th October – 31st October 2021
‘Light messages for the soul’
Inside Out Festival

British artist Lauren Baker is proud to unveil ‘Light Messages For The Soul’, during Frieze Week. Three neon artworks will go on display between 14th October until 31st October for Inside Out, a festival bringing art outdoors to the streets of Westminster. 

On public display for the first time ‘The trees are watching’ is a new, cheeky and thought-provoking piece of artwork by Baker. Tied three metres high in a tree in view of a bustling Victoria Street in Christchurch Gardens this green, glowing typography piece echoes Baker’s eco-activism, asking the question ‘If we thought the trees were watching, would we be this irresponsible with the planet?’

Displayed in unexpected locations, in order to find the hidden messages on this public art trail, the works inspire the viewer to contemplate life, joy and existence.

Lauren Baker

Passionate about environmental issues and sustainability, ‘The trees are watching’ is close to Lauren’s heart as a proud ambassador to One Tree Planted, a charity organisation helping global reforestation efforts. Her artwork has raised over £100k to date for charity and through One Tree Planted she has a mission to plant 8888 trees in the Amazon and is getting close to her target.

Baker says, “My practice is deeply rooted in the environment, since I first had the epiphany that I was an artist whilst deep in the Peruvian Amazon jungle.” She continues, “The connection to trees keeps me grounded. It’s been an ambition of mine to display art on a tree for some time. Trees communicate with each other through complex underground systems and help each other, when one tree is thirsty another sends water its way. Pretty mind blowing! The trees have been around between 350 and 420 million years ago, long before humans. The trees are alive, they are vibrating at a frequency within the field of human consciousness. It’s time we treated them with the respect they deserve.”

“I have always used light in my work to express the ‘secrets of the universe’ and aim to raise the vibration of love and connection within the world. I want ‘The trees are watching’ to stop busy Londoners in their tracks and consider if they would change their habits and attitudes towards our environment if the trees were watching.”

Ahead of the Cop 26 climate change conference, Lauren Baker leaves subtle reminders that climate change matters. ‘Do You Want to Change the World With Me?’ is situated in Westminster’s luxury retail quarter Connaught Village. This large circular neon artwork presents a direct question, an invitation and is intended to inspire the higher purpose of the viewer’s soul. The striking artwork will illuminate the front window of progressive pop up gallery space 9 Porchester Place, W1.

‘Your Moment’ stands in the stunning location of Victoria Embankment Gardens measuring three metres long. Inspired by the lyrics from The Beatles ‘Blackbird’ and echoing the sentiment of the book ‘The Power of Now’ by Ekhart Tolle, a book that led Baker from the wrong career path to an adventure in the Amazon jungle, where she had an epiphany that she was an artist.  

‘Light messages for the soul’ with thanks to MTArt Agency is available to view by the public as part of Inside Out Festival in Westminster, London from 14th October until the 31st October when Frieze Sculpture Park comes to a close.

©2021 Lauren Baker