Bluerider ART: Homeland Universe

Bluerider ART: Homeland Universe
Cao Jigang, Half Mountain, 120x240cm, Tempera on Linen, 2023

Homeland Universe
9 September – 5 November 2023
Bluerider ART London
47 Albemarle St
London, W1S 4JW, UK

Bluerider ART is excited to announce the opening of it’s first UK-based gallery in London, Mayfair this September. The new luxury space is located in the heart of the city within a historically significant Grade II listed building, boasting a 300-year-old legacy. 

The grand opening is scheduled for September 9th and will feature the inaugural exhibition titled Homeland Universe. This exhibition will showcase the works of 16 talented artists from around the world, who all use art as a common language to express the concept of a cosmic home. Notably, this event marks a significant milestone for the brand as Bluerider ART celebrates its 10th anniversary this year.

Bluerider ART: Homeland Universe
Bluerider ART, Mayfair

10th Anniversary of Bluerider ART

Bluerider ART, established in Taipei, Taiwan in 2013, draws its name from the art movement “Der Blaue Reiter” initiated by avant-garde artist Wassily Kandinsky. The group focuses on fostering artists’ self-expression in various art forms and shares a strong belief in the spirituality of art. Over the past decade, Bluerider ART has collaborated with more than 80 outstanding artists from Europe and America. In September 2013, Bluerider ART opened two spaces in Taipei.

Bluerider ART: Homeland Universe
Carol Prusa, Limen, 91.5×91.5x46cm, 2023,
Silverpoint, graphite and acrylic on acrylic hemisphere with fiber optics and programmed light emitter

In May 2021, it expanded its presence to Shanghai. Now, in September 2023, Bluerider ART is excited to open its newest space in London, Mayfair, marking a return to the European continent where the spirit of the Blaue Reiter originated. The organisation remains dedicated to preserving the spiritual essence of Kandinsky’s Western art and the indomitable spirit of Lu Xun’s “Wild Grass” in the East.

Bluerider ART seeks to create a platform for East-West exchange through its foundations in Taipei, Shanghai, and London. It offers high-quality professional collection services, explores the universal language that transcends time and space in art, and is committed to enriching the human spirit through art.

Bluerider ART: Homeland Universe
Pascal Dombis, Obsolete Future, 5 panels 1.50 x 1.80m
total (each panel 0.30×1.80m), 2022, Lenticular print on aluminum composite, Unique 1

Exhibiting Artists: Willi Siber, Reinoud Oudshoorn, Cao Jigang, Carol Prusa, Nick Veasey, Marck, Caro Jost, Pascal Dombis, Peter Krauskopf, Sven Drühl, Thierry Feuz, François Bonnel, Susanne Kühn, Angela Glajcar, Jan Kaláb and Tim Freiwald

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