Big, Bold, and Beautiful Art By Marylou Faure

Marylou’s figures are big, bold, and beautiful. Her vibrant giants are full hourglass figures, their legs strong enough to crush the patriarchy between them, have great bums and most importantly, great bangs.

Marylou Faure

I think the message and ideas I wanted to give through my work also helped me define my style. It had an impact on what I drew

Marylou Faure

The artist’s use of cheery block colours and self-assured, unabashed girls are a winning combination which have led her to collaborate with big brands like Nike and Samsung.

In an interview with Art Plugged, Marylou tells us about finding her signature style, taking breaks from social media, and the French government’s new cabinet.

Q: First thing’s first, introduce yourself! What do you make, how do you work?

A: ? My name is Marylou, I’m an artist and illustrator living in London and my work focuses on the female form that I like to represent in a playful and confident way. 

I mainly work digitally but I’m exploring new medium such as painting on wooden object and panels.

Q: What would you say your artistic background is? How long have you been working?

A: I’ve been working as a freelancer for the last 5 years – I didn’t last very much working in an agency as I really wanted to be in control of the style and creativity of my work 🙂

I was always really into art growing up – it’s something that my parents really got us into. I felt very passionate about it, it’s always been my way of expressing myself.

Q:How did you land upon your “signature” style figure?

A: It really came from a mix of different things. My inspirations of course – painters, photographers, musicians who I felt drawn to. I think the message and ideas I wanted to give through my work also helped me define my style. It had an impact on what I drew, and how I drew it, which colours I use, etc. It’s a combination of the two – the aesthetic and the message that makes my style what it is now.

Q: Are there key themes in your work? 

A: Women and nudity.

Q: What is your favourite piece you’ve created? 

A: I really like the work I do pro bono – it always ends up being my stronger work. The poster I initially did for Do The Green Thing is one of my favourite piece for this year 🙂

Q: Who are your biggest inspirations?

A: So many people ☺️ Artists like Matisse, David Hockney Niki De Saint Phalle – photographers like Man Ray or Dora Maar,  or illustrators like Parra and Malika Favre – I found their work incredibly inspiring.

Q: What’s next for you? 

A: I have a couple of solo shows coming up and a book of my work that will be out in September 🙂

Q: How do you strike the balance between being an artist and being your own salesperson? 

A: I don’t really ? I usually go too far doing one or the other, and switch between the two. I’ll have a phase where I just want to create new things and not take care of anything else, and I’ll listen to myself and focus on that. Then there are phases where I don’t feel inspire and will focus more on selling the work I’ve already made. 

Q: Social Media as a tool for artists – pro or anti? 

A: Pro, but with a strong recommendation of stepping out of it from time to time. To remember what you’re doing your work for 🙂

Q: What are you angry about right now? 

A: The french cabinet reshuffle – it includes people I don’t think should be there.

©2020 Marylou Faure

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