Arms Around The Child Fundraising Art Auction at Christie’s London

Rob and Nick Carter - ARMS AROUND THE CHILD
Rob and Nick Carter

Arms Around the Child – Art Auction
11 NOVEMBER 2022, 08:00 PM
8 King Street, St. James’s

This November, artists from around the globe will donate their work to a fundraising art auction in aid of Arms Around The Child, a charity that provides children in Africa and India, who are directly or indirectly affected by HIV/AIDS, orphaned, abandoned or abused, with much‐needed homes, safety, education, healthcare and community.

David Byrne, Rob and Nick Carter, Jamie Hewlett, Chrissy Hynde, Pure Evil, Ann-Marie James, Maxim, Zak Ove, Jamie Reid, Zandra Rhodes, David Shrigley, Kay Gasei and Poppy Lennox.  are amongst the dozens of emerging and established artists whose work will be brought together for the auction, which was originally planned for Spring 2020.

Rob and Nick Carter
Rob and Nick Carter

The pandemic-postponed event will now return bigger and better, hosted on Friday November 11 th by Christie’s at their London King Street location – former Christie’s auctioneer and Contemporary Art Specialist Tom Best and online by The Auction Collective, from October 12 th to November 11 th 2022. Co-curated by Bakul Patki, Lee Sharrock and Peter Wells-Thorpe, with special guest curator Neneh Cherry, the event will raise much-needed funds to help Arms Around The Child complete a school in Senya Beraku, Ghana, and builds on the success of the charity’s previous auctions, which enabled it to build a children’s home in Jaipur, India.

Jamie Reid
©Jamie Reid

David Paul Kay will be coming to London from New York for an artist residency at The
Mandrake Hotel
. He will paint a bespoke canvas for the Arms Around the Child charity auction. David Paul Kay is a New York City-based American contemporary artist. Originally from Eastern Europe (former Soviet Republic of Georgia), David migrated to the United States in 2008.  As a self-taught artist, Kay has always experimented with various techniques, though his career evolved soon after moving to New York City in early 2009 and developing his signature monochromatic style.

Poppy Lennox
Poppy Lennox

The list of exhibiting artists includes Christian Azolan, Lauren Baker, Bartholomew Beal, Mr Brainwash, Paul Broomfield, David Byrne, Rob and Nick Carter, Newton Cavalcanti, Wayne Clough. Pete Codling, The Connor Brothers, Cecile Davidovici, Pure Evil, Jermaine Frances, William Fice, Jill Furmanovsky, Jimmy Galvin, Catalina Guirado-Cheadle, Jamie Hewlett, Chrissie Hynde, Ann-Marie James, David Paul Kay, James Lai, Andrew Logan, Joe Machine, Colin McMaster, Jemima Murphy, George Morton-Clark, MM (Art by Maxim under the moniker MM), Alexander Newley, Aidan O’Neill, Zak Ove, Giles Price, Thiago Rocha-Pitta, Jamie Reid, Zandra Rhodes, Sam Rowley, David Shrigley, Paul Stephenson, Ben Summers, Bradley Theodore, Michael Thompson, David Tucker, Johan Walstrom, Kristjana S Williams, Joy Woldfenden-Brown and Lisa Vandy.



©2022 Christies, Rob and Nick Carter, Jamie Reid, Poppy Lennox

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