Anne von Freyburg: Papillotage

Five Exhibitions To See In London In February 2024

Anne von Freyburg: Papillotage
2nd February – 14 February, 2024
HOFA Gallery London
11 Bruton Street
London W1J 6PY

An oscillating movement intended to interfere with pictorial coherence, Anne von Freyburg‘s discipline consciously centralises the woman as the subject rather than the object. Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, has mainly been at the forefront of idolised female form, which is still today intertwined with mainstream culture.

Anne von Freyburg: Papillotage
Anne von Freyburg | Fantasia (After Boucher, Venus with Cupid), 2023

This series urges Freyburg to supersede tightly controlled boundaries placed on female attributes. Her objective is to free oneself from these limitations reflected by her unrestrained and unapologetic use of colour, shape and medium that is not limited within a restrictive frame or canvas. With this new body of work, that is both visceral and seductive, she has the autonomy to manipulate forms with the desire to denounce deeply rooted aversion towards feminine aesthetics and societal observations placed on women, throughout history.

Anne von Freyburg: Papillotage
Anne von Freyburg | Hot Stuff ( After Boucher, Reclining Nude), 2023

In her artistic practice, Anne von Freyburg actively engages in the ongoing discourse surrounding femininity and the construction of female identity. Departing from historical norms that sidelined traditionally feminine materials, her work serves as a reclamation of the value of textiles and embroidery in fine art. The Rococo aesthetic provides a rich palette, allowing her to both engage with and distort modern ideals through quilting techniques that simulate cosmetic procedures.

Her choice of materials is purposeful, each carrying its own historical and social connotations. By blending high and low art, she repurposes elements like 70s tapestry wall-hangings, fusing them with contemporary materials like BDSM lacquer faux leather. This intentional mix challenges stereotypes and norms while providing a commentary on the impact of fast fashion. It’s not just a conceptual statement on craft and femininity but also a celebration of the inherent artistic possibilities across all materials.

Anne von Freyburg: Papillotage
Anne von Freyburg | Ladidadida
(After Boucher, Venus with Doves), 2023

A notable aspect of her approach involves disrupting the traditional hierarchy between craft and fine art. By concealing her own paintings with fabrics, she challenges the prevailing notion that painting holds the highest artistic value. The under-painting serves as a guide for fabric placement, with Rococo masterpieces repurposed into fashion fabrics as a nod to the traditional medium.

Anne von Freyburg: Papillotage open on the 2nd of February until the 14th of February, 2024 at HOFA Gallery London

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