Anne von Freyburg wins the UK New Artists of the Year Award 2021

On November 4th 2021, some of the nation’s best-emerging artists filled the iconic Saatchi Gallery in London for The Robert Walters UK New Artists of the Year 2021. This award looks to discover and champion the work of exceptional young artists whose work and vision represent contemporary Britain.

The artwork on display that night was stunning; you could imagine the judges finding it rather challenging to make a decision. As the artists and crowd waited anxiously for the results, 2019 winner Conor Rogers took to the podium to announce Catriona Robertson had secured second place and received £5,000 prize money for her installation sculpture.

Catriona Robertson

But sailing to victory and crowned as The Robert Walters UK New Artists of the Year was London based Dutch artist Anne von Freyburg. For her twenty-first-century take on the Rococo aesthetic that reimagines the historic decorative materially to subvert the female gaze, the feminine and the pretty that yields a beautiful appearance. The London-based artist took to stage to receive her award and a £10,000 prize money complemented by a huge ovation from the audience.

Anne von Freyburg

“The 2019 Awards discovered some of the most compelling new artists working today and I’m excited to see how a new generation has faced the extraord”The 2019 Awards discovered some of the most compelling new artists working today and I’m excited to see how a new generation has faced the extraordinary pressures and challenges of the last year and how this will inform their artistic practice as they look to the future., Michelle Bowen, Director of UK New Artists

Jukka Virkkunen

Von Freyburg was shortlisted with nine other artist’s from a record-breaking 963 submissions for the second edition of the Robert Walters UK New Artist of the Year. Overall a great night of art and community in artistic surroundings.

Sam Tahmessebi

The past year has been difficult for a number of industries and even more so for our arts and culture sector – an industry that simply would not have the chance of survival were it not for both public and private funding. Providing a steppingstone for ambitious individuals is what the foundation of Robert Walters Group is built on. And now, more than ever, when so many people have had a rare opportunity to step into and act on their genuine passions – such as the arts – I feel proud that we are able to champion such inspiring work in the hope of launching careers from the next generation of exceptional artists., Robert Walters, CEO of Robert Walters Group

If you are interested in submitting your work for next year’s Robert Walters UK New Artist of the Year award, head over to their website for more information.

View this years exhibition online at UKNA viewing room

Shortlisted Artists

• Aimee Melaugh (Derry)
• Anne von Freyburg (London)

Catriona Robertson (London)
• Jarvis Brookfield (Leicester)
• Jukka Virkkunen (London)
• Lucy Gregory (London)
• Maayan Sophia Weisstub (London)
• Molly Kent (Edinburgh)
• Sam Tahmassebi (London)
• Wesley George (London)

2019 UKNA Winner: Conor Rogers

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