VerticalCrypto Art: “IN TOUCH”, Art in the Age of Post NFT-ism

“IN TOUCH”, Art in the Age of Post NFT-ism
13-25 September 2022
Admiralstraße 15 | 10999 Berlin

In the gallery dekabinett, empowered by Tezos and Despace, around 35 works are shown by 20 artists who are at the fore-front of today’s crypto and generative art movements on Tezos. They work with code and the computer as their partners, visualize data and reflect the zeitgeist using Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality.

Art critic and curator Kenny Schachter wrote in April 2021, “NFTism signifies that, beyond the smart contract, what constitutes an NFT is the community that has sprung up around the practice that unites the creators and collectors way beyond the notion of buying and selling digital art.” 

Post-NFTism now means that NFTs and thus the interest in digital art have become so commonplace that NFTs and digital art also want to be experienced in physical space. No matter how irritated one is by the three letters NFT, it can no longer be ignored that a new art world has emerged online that has more to offer than the old art world.

For the new generation of artists releasing work through smart contracts on the blockchain, constantly being in conversation with collectors and curators is the new normal. IN TOUCH provides a space during Berlin Art Week and beyond for artists, collectors, and visitors from both worlds to experience crypto and generative art.

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