Vandalism to High Art

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Vandalism to High Art
August 5th – September 2nd, 2021
Virtual exhibition on artNet

Cuban Fine Arts Gallery is pleased to present “Vandalism to High Art“, a group exhibit celebrating works inspired by the streets of New York. A mix of emerging artists including John Grande, ANNA!, and Merk as well as fresh up-and-comers Cavier Coleman and ?, the show includes a selection of works in mixed mediums spanning oil, acrylic latex, gold leaf, spray paint and brick paneling. “Vandalism to High Art” celebrates the rich mine of inspiration found in chaotic, sleepless, and extraordinary streets of NYC. From graffiti art to repurposed street media, the show reimagines the debris and detritus of our world into unique and original perspectives.

Vandalism to High Art

John Grande
– There’s No Meaning to Any of This, 2018

John Grande’s work with its vibrant colors and serrated juxtapositions is set apart by the unexpected — yet it speaks to everybody: “It’s about the people, about us, the human race”. Each line of work and each piece is unique, constructing and deconstructing popular and contemporary culture derived from today’s multi-media world, as well as transforming and uniquely weaving high-end symbols and icons immersed in today’s lifestyle using industrial mediums in the process. John Grande was trained at the School of Visual Arts in New York. His artwork has been shown and collected worldwide, from India to Switzerland and Italy to Mexico and Korea, and all over the United States.

Vandalism to High Art

ANNA! – Where You Go, I Go, 2021

ANNA! is a contemporary artist and graffiti writer from New York City. Her paintings are inspired by the danger associated with New York streets in the 90s in contrast with the romantic nature of master painters and paintings, particularly Rococo and American Colonial.

Cavier Coleman redefines the meaning of “multi-media artist” with an expansive skillset in a broad spectrum of mediums. His pieces have been featured in the Mayson Gallery as well as celebrity art shows curated by the Fancy Art Collective. Recently, the artist collaborated with Saks Fifth Avenue placing art installations throughout the department store and in its window displays.

Vandalism to High Art
? Question Walls, 2020

? is an international street artist who has installed, stenciled and pasted posters around the world for more than a decade. His work has appeared in Cuba, Japan, Germany, Italy, Ireland, England, Mexico, the United States and Canada. He has had work exhibited at the Metropolitan Art Museum in Tokyo as well as the Art Basil festival in Miami.

Merk – “When you look at my art, you are seeing a reflection of my feelings and thoughts…because of my experience, many of my creations are haunted by predominant thoughts of graffiti art that preoccupy my mind. I just paint how I feel onto a canvas or wall.”

The show is available to view on virtually on artNet August 5th – September 2nd, 2021.

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