UVNT Art Fair Is Born As Urvanity Grows And Reinvents Itself

24 – 27 February 2022
COAM. Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos Madrid
Calle Hortaleza 63

In its sixth edition, to be held from February 24 to 27, the fair known as Urvanity grows and reinvents itself. UVNT Art Fair is born.

“We haven’t changed as a fair, but we have evolved,” explains Sergio Sancho, founder and director of the first fair dedicated to New Contemporary Art. “We want to explore fresher languages, integrate other aesthetic codes and look for new trends in the art world, and this is represented by emerging artists, as well as those with established careers and big names.

UVNT is a fair in constant evolution and with a solid, avant-garde and contemporary art proposal that dares with new languages that don’t understand labels. The event aims to generate diverse spaces for creation and dialogue, positioning itself as a connector of the different agents of the art world. More than thirty national and international galleries will be present to, as every year, reflect the current artistic trends and continue to maintain the freshness and innovation that has been part of the fair’s DNA since its inception.

After an atypical 2021, which forced the fair to be held in May, UVNT returns to the original dates of the art week in February and at its usual venue: the Official School of Architects in Madrid.

A history in numbers and big names

70 galleries have been part of UVNT, more than half of which come from outside our borders. In five years, more than 350 artists have participated and it has had more than 40,000 visitors. Its last edition in May 2021 gathered more than 8,000 visitors.

This year, names such as 108 Nero, Imon Boy, Starsky Brines, Adam Handler, Nano4814, Henry Swanson, Matth Velvet, Nina Bachmann, Carlos Pesudo, Gabrielle Graessie, Soliman Lopez, Janette Beckman, Evan Roth, Srger, Laurènce Vallières or Fidia Falaschetti will be on view.

Throughout the five editions have participated, among others, artists such as: Ana Barriga, Marria Pratts, Javi Calleja, Edgar Plans, Robi Dwi Antono, Albert Pinya, Cesc Abad, Filip Custic, Imon Boy, Nuria Mora, James Rielly, Rafa Macarrón, Julio Anaya Cabanding, Wasted Rita, Paco Pomet, Grip Face or Flavia

UVNT is an experience that goes far beyond the fairgrounds itself, as it presents a special program that promotes public art in the city of Madrid during Art Week with actions of great impact and visibility.

The fair has a curatorial team that curates both the exhibition proposals of the participating galleries and the projects developed in the public space, in a program of installations in emblematic places in the center of Madrid, made on walls and party walls, or in digital support through screens.

In this sense, UVNT is the first Spanish fair to bet on innovation in digital art and culture, generating a program of digital art in the public space.

UVNT also has a section dedicated to the Young Galleries, young galleries that are making a niche in the market and focus on the discovery and promotion of young artists. The fair goes hand in hand with the institutional cultural sponsorship of foundations such as Fondation Montresso*, Fundación Nadine, Casa de Indias, Colección MER or Colección SOLO, which offer residency and acquisition prizes to the artists
and gallerists present at the fair.

In 2022, UVNT launches The Art Shaker, the collector programme of UVNT Art Fair. It is an invitation-only network to mix collectors, galleries, institutions, creators…. It will be a new paradigm of interaction between art lovers in which to experience the best of New Contemporary Art. The aim of this programme is to bring collectors closer to the latest creations and to allow them to discover, in person, the art scene in our country.

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