UVNT Art Fair and Las Rozas Village reinforce their commitment to New Contemporary Art

UVNT Art Fair and Las Rozas Village
Albert Pinya ©Paula Caballero

UVNT Art Fair and Las Rozas Village join forces for the second consecutive year to reinforce their commitment to New Contemporary Art. On this occasion, UVNT ART FAIR X LAS ROZAS VILLAGE draws a new axis of art from the center of Madrid to Las Rozas Village, reinforcing its commitment to create a Public Art Program.

Madrid’s Gran Vía will host in different locations the sculptures of artists Albert Pinya (Gran Vía with Montera), Avelino Sala (Plaza del Callao) and Yann Leto (Gran Vía with Alcalá), from February 13 to 26, thanks also to the collaboration of Madrid Capital de Moda and Todo está en Madrid.

UVNT Art Fair and Las Rozas Village
Albert Pinya ©Paula Caballero

In Las Rozas Village, since February and in a gradual way, six artists will intervene the facades and boulevards with floral, textile, digital, ceramic and mural installations, creating a particular dialogue between art and fashion. Precisely Art Meets Fashion is the starting point with which the six artists who are part of UVNT ART FAIR X LAS ROZAS VILLAGE will create site-specific works of art, following different techniques and disciplines, for their interaction with a very specific space, such as some facades of the different buildings that make up the Village, the walls that delimit the spaces, the boulevards around which the boutiques are articulated or some architectural elements such as porches or access areas.

The selection of artists who will intervene this year Las Rozas Village, transforming it during the month of February into an outdoor art gallery, are: AkaCorleone, Cachetejack, Casa Antillón, Gema Polanco, Kokon, and Paula Valdeón.

Mupis ©PaulaCaballero

UVNT ART FAIR X LAS ROZAS VILLAGE expands with a program of digital art in the
street in more than 100 outdoor digital screens with high definition of JCDecaux that are located in the main visual hubs of the city. Living canvases that will showcase the new creativity of seven young artists who are shaping a new language of art thanks to 3D animation, motion graphics, video clip… Actual Objects, Andrei Warren, Filip Custic, Nicole Ruggiero, Tokyo Tommy, Marta Ochoa and Pablo Aragón are a new generation of creators-national and international- who, making use of the new digital tools, move us even to the physical plane, from a more expressionist or naïf style to a more realistic and editorial one.

UVNT Art Fair was a pioneer-three years ago-in bringing digital art to new audiences through marquees in Madrid.

Yann Leto ©PaulaCaballero

Sum of talents

Born as a platform for the diffusion of New Contemporary Art, UVNT Art Fair has become the reference to know the most current art. From its beginnings, the objective of UVNT Art Fair is to vindicate diverse languages in popular culture that, since its appearance, have established a new dialogue with modernity, reinforcing the current artistic panorama. In this way, the different editions of the fair (which this year will be held from February 23 to 26 at COAM) highlight artistic expressions that emerged in urban texts from the 1970s onwards, such as post-graffiti, surrealist pop or new pop art.

Avelino Sala ©PaulaCaballero

Following this philosophy, UVNT ART FAIR X LAS ROZAS VILLAGE is reinforced with its commitment to public art and to become an extension of the fair, breaking its walls and invading the streets, giving free rein to artistic expression.

UVNT ART FAIR X LAS ROZAS VILLAGE is a project that reinforces the constant support of Las Rozas Village and The Bicester Collection to art, talent and creativity, creating scenarios and environments where emerging talent can develop their work as part of their creative evolution.