Tobias Rehberger Debuts Immersive Installation At Frieze London 2022

Tobias Rehberger: Into The Maze
Tobias Rehberger: Into The Maze

LG Electronics (LG) is delighted to announce a new collaboration with German artist Tobias Rehberger in time for Frieze London 2022 as it deepens its association with the arts world. Titled “Into the Maze,” the OLED-powered installation challenges viewers to “see and unsee” in a gravity-defying labyrinth of both sculpture and technology.

Tobias Rehberger inside “into the Maze”

A Dazzling Spectacle of Concealment

Inspired by dazzle painting, a camouflage technique developed for battleships by British artists during WW1, “Into the Maze” redefines both gravity and direction. Revisiting the pattern after a first introduction at the 2009 Venice Biennale, Tobias Rehberger leverages dazzle painting to create a sculpture of disappearing images. Blurring objects into themselves, colorful forms appear both visible and concealed in a geometric paradox that leaves no one indifferent.

The art installation is partly displayed on the unique form factor of the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R, an innovation made possible by LG OLED technology. Amidst an array of shapes and patterns, the TV screen rolls up to blend into its surroundings thus rendering itself almost invisible. The video creates spatial optical illusions as it passes across the screen before suddenly returning to the pattern of its background. German DJ Sven Väth contributed the musical score “NYX ” for the piece.

Tobias Rehberger "into the Maze Installation view
Tobias Rehberger “into the Maze Installation view

One of the most influential German artists of his generation, Tobias Rehberger works within the realms of architecture, design, and their intersection with fine arts. “I’m fascinated by the LG SIGNATURE OLED R,” says Rehberger. “It’s this abstract and minimal piece of furniture that suddenly turns into a hyper functional tool. It’s a hidden beauty that appears and disappears, just like in “Into the Maze.”

LG’s Deep-Rooted Commitment to the Arts

LG Electronics has long been a proponent of the intertwining of arts and technology. The LG OLED TV has become a favorite with creative and innovative types worldwide. Its ability to capture the essence of the artist’s vision through vibrant and accurate color reproduction, complete with deep plaques and infinite contrast, makes the LG OLED the ultimate digital canvas.

This year’s “Into the Maze” comes on the heels of successful exhibitions spearheaded by the brand with artists such as Anish Kapoor and Barry X Ball (Frieze Seoul 2022), Kevin McCoy (Frieze NY 2022) and Damien Hirst (Frieze London 2021).

“LG’s partnership with the arts community is a natural extension of our desire to use advanced technology to enrich lives and drive change in the world,“ says Kate Oh, Head of Home Entertainment Marketing Communications at LG Electronics. “Working with Tobias is our newest attempt to work with LG OLED Art, powered by our self-lit OLED TV technology where technology inspires and completes art.”

“We are delighted to continue our collaboration with LG, with this year’s Frieze London marking one year of our partnership. LG’s innovative approach to each of our fairs shows the true potential of art and technology, working with significant artists to enable them to embrace new media. The collaboration with Tobias Rehberger really promises to be a major destination for visitors to Frieze London this year,” adds Simon Fox, CEO of Frieze. Tobias Rehberger’s “Into the Maze” will be on view at Frieze London 2022 from October 12-16 at the LG OLED Lounge.

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