Tim Fishlock: Paradise Version

Tim Fishlock: Paradise Version
25 March 2022 – 29 April 2022
Hang-Up Gallery
10D Branch Place
N1 5PH

For his third solo exhibition at Hang-Up, artist Tim Fishlock celebrates his deep love of music and record collecting. Continuing his established practice working with text, Fishlock explores the esoteric world of online record collecting with a particular focus on the unique lexicon involved in describing music. He unpicks the coded vocabulary used to concisely explain a record, illuminating both the exclusionary and evocative nature of these explanations.

This series is a love-letter to music and a celebration of independent record shops.

Tim Fishlock

The works are almost synesthetic, using language as a tool to evoke sound. Fishlock acknowledges the intrinsic distance between a sound and how it may be described, yet he celebrates this space, leaving the viewer to interpret the music within. In many ways, he is inviting us into this sometimes-exclusionary world of self-confessed music geeks and celebrating an eclectic community through an understanding of music as a great unifier.

During the exhibition a limited-edition print will be released and available at a special price to celebrate the show. Fishlock has also created two Spotify playlists; HEAD and FEET as introductions to the music that soundtracks his life. The BPM (beats per minute) increase incrementally with each song in the FEET playlists.

Alongside this will be a new edition of Fishlock’s much loved THE POEM WILL RESEMBLE YOU spinning wheel of fortune. The piece allows the viewer to generate their own poetry through the fairground style act of spinning the wheel. It is at once emotive and lyrical while rejoicing in a playful silliness. Each ring of the wheel spins at its own pace, creating a discombobulating visual and offering a dizzying 32,768 potential permutations of the slogans.

©2022 Tim Fishlock