Through the Prism: Curated by Claudia Cheng

Through the Prism: Curated by Claudia Cheng
5th May – 11th June 2022
Gillian Jason Gallery
19 Great Titchfield St

Celebrating the power of diverse cultural influences in the art sector, ‘Through the Prism’— curated by Claudia Cheng — features eight female artists from six countries spanning East to West of the globe. Dancing between abstraction and figuration, the artists in the show explore a kaleidoscopic identity in multicoloured compositions.

Jade Ching-yuk Ng
oil on canvas, 80 x 60 cm
The Sweetest, 2022

The arresting heroines who inhabit these works unequivocally express their own narratives, but they also serve as a prism through which viewers may reflect on the artists’ practice in relation to their own multifaceted experience.

Claudia Cheng
Tracey Emin Set: These Feelings Were True, 2020
Lithograph on Somerset Velvet Warm White 400gsm.
Various sizes: 60 x 50 cm / 70 x 50 cm
Edition of 50 plus APs
Set: These Feelings Were True, 2020

As modern society often puts considerable focus on assigning labels to our existence, it separates us by nationality, gender, skin-colour. However, identity is far from a singular, static concept; identity is like a prism with multiple refracting surfaces – when the light comes through, one can see its full spectrum of colours.

Sougwen Chung
The Clinging (Radiance), BiHua series, 2020
mixed media on aluminium panel, diameter 150 cm

‘Through the Prism’ brings together artists from disparate cultural backgrounds, displaying unique artworks that unveil kaleidoscopic roots. Devoted to exploring, understanding, and fusing contemporary cultural influences with art historical references, the works in the show are a celebration of mixed heritage and dimensional identity.

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