There’s Light: Artworks & Conversations Examining Black Masculinity

There’s Light: Artworks & Conversations Examining Black Masculinity, Identity and Mental Wellbeing is an expansive new anthology of artworks and interviews showcasing the intricacies of contemporary Black male identities, edited and published by author and conceptual artist Glenn Lutz.

Glenn Lutz
©Glenn Lutz

Bringing together interventions from leading luminaries across literary and artistic disciplines, There’s Light examines themes related to Black male identities, sexuality, masculinity, and mental health. The book showcases intimate artworks and insightful conversations that shed new light on experiences such as overcoming inherited trauma, systemic racism and social injustices, establishing oneself as a Black male artist; and ultimately, offers avenues for hope as the title of the book suggests.

While addressing challenging themes, There’s Light also serves as a champion of the power of unity and the bringing together of multiple Black male voices.


The book contains over sixty artworks from contemporary art legends and emerging talent alike, paired with a collection of over thirty interviews. These interviews examine what it means to be a Black mantoday and feature prominent activists, psychologists, community organisers, authors, musicians, filmmakers, athletes,and lawyers. Created to inspire future generations to embrace themselves fully, There’s Lightdelivers a wake-up call that there is no time like the present to overcome institutional hurdles.


There’s Light is the first book in a planned trilogy to include a co-authored book by a female author. Lutz will be releasing 12 NFTs in the following weeks after the release of There’s Light with proceeds from the sales being donated to charitable organisations.

Information regarding the drop will be released through the Instagram account @glenn_lutz. There’s Lightwill be the inauguraltitle on the LIORAFFE imprint, a new publishing venture from Glenn Lutz that forms part of his multi-disciplinary practice. LIORAFFE will bededicated to producing high quality art books, utilizing books as a vehicle for pertinent conversations within our communities

Glenn Lutz (THERE’S LIGHT #11), 2021
Mixed materials (Aluminum, digital print, acrylic and LED)
18 x 17 in 45.72 x 43.18 cm
©Glenn Lutz. Photo credit: Jason Grubb

There’s Light: Glenn Lutz

July 2022 | $69.99, £45.99 | Hardback | 290 pages | 333 limited, 333 Edition copies and unlimited print-on-demand copies of the For Us Edition


©2022 Glenn Lutz