“The Lobstars” NFT Collection By Philip Colbert Mints on April 10th 2022

“The Lobstars” NFT Collection By Philip Colbert Mints on April 10th 2022

Contemporary artists and Metaverse pioneer Philip Colbert will be minting his NFT Collection “The Lobstars” on April 10th 2022, for 0.77 ETH. Colbert has nurtured a global following with his Lobster persona. With yearly sales in the multi-millions, Colbert’s hyper pop paintings and sculptures have become something of a worldwide art phenomenon. His work is in leading museums and private collections worldwide.

“The Lobstars”

His first 1/1 NFT (The Cryptofixtion) sold on super rare for 26ETH, and recently, he sold The Lobstar Genesis NFT and a matching portrait at Bonhams Auction house in London for $60,000. Colbert also launched his city Lobsteropolis in June 2021. It remains the most prominent art world in Decentraland.

Godjira “The Lobstars”

After creating Lobsteropolis, taking the project to the next level became clear. It was time to build the community. Hence, The Lobstars, the citizens of Lobsteropolis.

The 7,777 generative NFTs will serve as entry into Colbert’s Lobster world as holders become citizens of Lobsteropolis, an ever-expanding art experience. That will blur the lines between reality and digital!”

Colbert has worked with some great projects to build up a hugely engaged community of art, popular culture and Web3 enthusiasts with the first opportunities to mint, followed by public and art gallery waiting lists.

Philip Colbert With “The Lobstars” Portraits

There will be a party planned in Decentraland on April 12th 2022, to celebrate the mint and welcome our new citizens.

The Lobstars” will be available for mint on April 10th 2022, for 0.77 ETH

Utility for this project includes:

  • Custom Lobsteropolis ID cards as a representation of access to our hangout spaces and future events in Decentraland (and IRL).
  • Access and updates on the Lobsteropolis Foundation (pioneers in lobster research) & Lobster Robotics Lab (robotics art project with UCL robotics)!
  • Lobster Holders Club – benefits and giveaways to create value for our community. The longer you hold, and the more you hold, the more benefits you will get. 
  • Merch + Collabs We are passionate about merch and will be doing it right to the extremely high levels set by Philip through his art. For Philip Colbert, merch is a continuation of his art, and whether physical or digital, we will execute to the best levels possible. We are in discussions with partners for collaborations – more info soon. 
  • Metaverse – DCL Airdropped DCL Wearables
  • Lobsteropolis Activations (TBA)

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