The Hazard – Acrylic Fusion Air Jordan 1 Mid Sneaker

The Sneakers Generation exhibition held at Galerie Sakura in Paris will host one of the world’s largest custom sneaker exhibitions in dedication to pop-art culture.

Galerie Sakura has invited myself and over 400 international artists to create artwork on a legendary Air Jordan 1 Mid triple white sneaker.

The Hazard

This exciting opportunity has led to a collaboration with the industry’s foil specialists, Foilco to push the boundaries of how foil can integrate with the acrylic fusion technique by creating a molten gold foil finish on the sneaker. This handmade finished sneaker is one of a kind and finished with a hand painted exclamation mark to represent the theme “hazard”.

The Hazard

“The Hazard” sneaker is on sale and can be viewed at the exhibition at Galerie Sakura in Paris between the 8th September 2021 to the 14th November 2021.

Client: Galerie Sakura
Collaboration: Foilco
Agent: Lawless Studio
Videography & Photography: Garth Ivan

©2021 Craig Black, Foilco

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