Innovative, female-led art studio Artsies Collective is pleased to announce the release of its flagship collection of computer-generated fine art. Based on over 300 hand-drawn artworks, 5,555 NFTs, called “Artsies”, will be minted in a public sale in June, with details to be announced on the Artsies Collective’s website and socials. The collection is accompanied by a virtual meta-gallery on the Artsies website. 

Artsies NFT Collection

Artsies Collective is a female-led project, founded by sisters Natacha and Juliette Cottu. Following a foundation year in Fine Arts at Atelier de Sèvres, Paris, Juju is a fashion design (womenswear) student at Central Saint Martin’s in London. Natacha is a life and business coach based in Lisbon, focusing on helping entrepreneurs realize their creative potential.

Juliette’s artistic practice centers around cultural and gender hybridity and seeks to examine the links between physical and digital art. Her multi-disciplinary work has been exhibited across Europe, including at I’m Fine, an exhibition at the Copeland Gallery in London, which was featured in It’s Nice That

Artsies NFT Collection

In this first collection, Juliette incorporates the NFT technology and generative Art code to her Fine Art and fashion design practice. Her first collection of Artsies is inspired by pop art, fashion, fluidity, gaming, anime, pop culture & globalization in combination with a playful, hybrid-utopian space.

Juliette Cottu, Co-Founder & Artist, Artsies Collective, said:  “I am thrilled to release our first fine art collection. I created the first Artsy by hand in 2017, before discovering the creative potential of digital and generative art.

The fine art collection will be released in two separate rounds, with the first pre-sale round reserved exclusively for members and creators who form a part of the collective. The second round will be open to all as a public sale. This sale will occur on their website: A post-mint exhibition will include selected physical pieces printed and framed which will be on sale at various independent galleries in Europe. The first of these will take place in Lisbon mid-June. 

Natacha Cottu, Co-Founder & Team Leader, Artsies Collective, added:  “I am very excited for the launch of our collection and the collective itself. We are both passionate about the transformative potential of digital art and Web 3.0 and the way it provides an inclusive entry point for people from all over the world

As part of the collection, Artsies Collective will launch their Worldwide Art Hub, an online network and ecosystem seeking to empower young artists by showcasing their work within Artsies own online gallery, providing education on digital art within Web 3.0, as well as offering mental health support and art therapy. The hub will also feature talks, interviews, community events and contests, both in-person and online. Events will include online and IRL exhibitions, themed parties and fashion shows in the meta verse.

As part of Artsies’ commitment to arts education and community engagement, 10% of initial sale revenues will go to a charitable art fund, which includes the Women in Africa initiative, a platform enabling female entrepreneurs in Africa to access digital education, as well as Harmless, a mental health charity. Digital gallery created in collaboration with Fabian Buitrago. The Artsies Collective will be hosting regular call for artists and online exhibitions

©2022 Artsies Collective, Fabian Buitrago

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