The Alluring Art of Online Casinos

Some of the most impressive graphic art and design out there today is in the world of video games. For the most part, this is recognised in console, PC, and mobile games, where there are some jaw-dropping exhibitions of pure artistry. A recent IGN list of some of the best examples of video game art design gives you some idea of the type of work representing the category, from the fully accomplished world of Ghost Of Tsushima to the dream state of Ori And The Will Of The Wisps, and so many more games. There’s just no end to the excellence and creativity on display in this space.

What doesn’t get much attention, however, is that this same beauty and creativity are present in the online casino section of the gaming industry as well. In this area, one could argue that art has been the core element of a sweeping evolution of games. 

Once-bland slot, jackpot, and even bingo gaming formats have been updated through vibrant graphics, characters, and settings and have thus become newly relevant to millions of gamers. Without some extraordinary graphic art and design, it simply wouldn’t have happened.

To give you an idea of some of the work we’re talking about, we’ll look at just a few of many relevant examples.

Gonzo’s Quest

It’s not necessarily accurate to say that the game Gonzo’s Quest started the trend of ambitious artwork and graphics in casino games. However, it was one of the first and biggest hits among what we might refer to as new-age slots.

The game presents a lush jungle setting and an endearing 3-D character based on European explorers in the New World. These factors make the game engaging while you play, though it’s the opening sequence that sets Gonzo’s Quest apart. It’s every bit as cinematic as your average animated adventure film and more beautiful than many of them.

Age Of The Gods

Something about Greece and Rome’s ancient adventures and mythologies seem to draw out the best in gaming artists. A few years ago, the console game Assassin’s Creed Odyssey was revealed to be so jaw-droppingly gorgeous. It sparked a whole conversation about the prettiest games of our time (look through the images picked out by GameRant to get an idea if you’re not familiar with the game). 

The Age Of The Gods slot reel and its subsequent spinoffs don’t quite reach that level, but they do present brilliant artistic renderings of ancient gods and heroes, as well as some thoroughly charming backgrounds. Feature for feature, these may be the most attractive slot games out there.

Mustang Gold

This is a simpler game, but its Wild West theme demonstrates how artists in this space often get to dive in on a particular concept. Mustang Gold overflows with relevant imagery, with everything from the font of lettering, to the gold coins signifying wins to characters and backgrounds calling a sort of cowboy culture to mind.

There’s even a delightful animation signifying player bonuses and consisting of wild horses charging across the screen. Somewhat deceptively, the game is quite a collection of digital art.

Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania

Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania is a fun example of a casino game and a slight twist on the types of slot games profiled above. This title appears among the Slingo games on Gala Spins, which use slot-style gameplay to help players fill out digital bingo cards. The Slingo genre is only just beginning to embrace graphics and animation the way slots do, but this is perhaps the most creative example to date — packing slot reels and bingo cards with fun, cartoonish ocean and sea life imagery.

Drive Multiplier Mayhem

Drive Multiplier Mayhem is a popular slot reel built around the loose concept of street racing. It has a dark, cool aesthetic and represents an artistic accomplishment that observers don’t always appreciate. That is that the designers behind this game have established an unmistakable, cohesive vibe from scratch.

One gets the sense that the game must derive from some larger property because everything from the details of characters’ outfits to the colours in the background seems to match. The truth of the matter, though, is that in this case, all of this is just representative of a thorough artistic vision — nothing more!

These are only a few examples from the slot genre and some of the games that branch off of it. But hopefully, they provide a bit of a snapshot of how intriguing this industry has become for digital artists.

Those interested in pursuing art in this space would do best to seek out openings at major development companies (like NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech, and more) — though as was helpfully outlined at Ducoma, there is also freelance design work in the industry.

Whatever you decide, it’s a pretty rewarding space in which to peddle your work! There’s nothing quite like having a helpful product made with your work at its core, and standing among the best of modern online casino games makes for quite an accomplishment.