Teiji Hayama: Ethereal Icons

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Teiji Hayama: Ethereal Icons
January 14 – February 12, 2020
GR gallery
255 Bowery
(between Houston & Stanton)
New York, NY 10002 

Ethereal Icons”, the first solo exhibition of Teiji Hayama with GR gallery, after previous collaborations. The show will reveal 16 fresh oil paintings on canvas, featuring the artist exemplary series that picture elusive movies, music and cultural icons from the sixties, but still rooted in today’s popular imagery, with his signature distorted kaleidoscopic technique. On the second week of the exhibition  will be released an exclusive limited edition print signed and numbered by the artist. 

Teiji Hayama: Ethereal Icons

Ethereal Icons”  aims to showcase the unique creativity of Teiji Hayama by unveiling a new body of ground breaking works. Hayama’s mainly greyscale paintings depict oddly distorted portraits with bored exhausted faces and iconic motley objects, inspired by old celebrities and other vintage symbols, always unified by the highest level of popularity. 

Teiji Hayama: Ethereal Icons

These glamorous models are ironically reimagined in an extra contemporary, but suspended, time frame by setting them in a sort of Social media mannerism and turning them into vintage influencers, confusing the visitor on his mass culture knowledge. With these premise the viewer is now ready to be thrown in a timeless and unique journey across  the development of Pop imagery, accompanied by a multicolor Marylin Monroe, holding a Spalding basketball.

Teiji Hayama: Ethereal Icons opens on January 14th until February 12, 2020 at GR gallery

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