Tales of Adjusted Desire – Curated by Robert Curcio

April 2nd – May 9th, 2021

Robert Berry Gallery is pleased to announce its new virtual exhibition Tales of Adjusted Desire curated by Robert Curcio of curcioprojects featuring David Carbone, Bobbie Moline-Kramer, Kaoruko, and Terry Rodgers. The exhibit will open on April 2, 2021 at wwwRobertBerryGallery.com and runs until May 9, 2021.

installation views

All the artists in Tales of Adjusted Desire are influenced by the world at large of mediated images mingling with a social media aesthetic creating a subtle anxiety that crosses boundaries. Each of the 12 works whether painting, prints, or mixed media are insights into a self that goes beyond any moral standards or historical margins for an adjusted desire. The “come hither, let’s have it all” promises of images and social worlds we live in and our complex personal interior life together form a disorienting adjusted presence. That presence in this exhibit is of a nude figure or a fragment of a body, still very desirable forms though somewhat crass or vulgar and with a good dose of kitsch and skewed humor, making us aware of our search for a healthy sensibility beyond a new piece of merchandise or a half-thought swipe. The wanted whole corporal identity regardless of being offline or online, representation or abstraction, fact or alternate fact, are, after all, seamlessly linked, connected and shared as calibrated tales of that adjusted desire.

installation views

Robert Curcio, curcioprojects, is a curator, writer, and consultant to galleries, artists and art fairs based in NYC. In the past year, Curcio has curated with Donald Kuspit on Mortality: A Survey of Contemporary Death Art at the Katzen Arts Center of the American University, Washington, DC, and When Night Falls and PRESENCE both at Lichtundfire, New York.

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