Sougwen Chung: Entangled Origins

‘Entangled Origins’ is a new, progressive exhibition from award winning artist Sougwen Chung, taking place during Frieze Week with Gillian Jason Gallery at Asia House, 12th-17th October. 
Sougwen Chung is an internationally renowned artist and researcher exploring the relationship between human and machine. Chung’s work investigates the interactions between mark-made-by-hand and the mark-made-by-machine as an approach to understanding the dynamics of humans and systems.

This groundbreaking exhibition is the first time that Chung will present her ever evolving connections between artificial intelligence and art through a combination of painting, sculpture, video and performance.Chung aims to flip our relationship with artificial intelligence on its head in to explore the way in which ‘human artist’ and ‘machine artist’ can collaborate to create something extraordinary.

Through Chung’s performances with self-programmed robots, her ‘duets’ portray the human element of robotics, entangling the artist’s and the machine’s mark-making through the use of algorithms, brainwave sensors, and augmented reality. Chung’s pioneering technologies imagine forms of closeness with robotics in an increasingly estranged world.

Her speculative critical practice spans performance, installation, and drawings which have been featured in numerous exhibitions at museums and galleries around the world. For over 20 years, Chung has designed and programmed dozens of robots, each called D.O.U.G (Drawing Operations Unit, Generation X).

The structures are as much the artwork, as they are the creators. The latest DOUG is connected to Chung’s brain-wave data toinfluence how the robot behaves and responds to her, thus creating a greater intimate connection. When they paint together, artist and robot are linked through a shared bank of knowledge, and in the moment of creating together, the two are seamlessly synchronised, just like dancers or musicians. And this is evident in ‘Entangled Origins’.

©2021 Sougwen Chung, Gillian Jason Gallery