Rebekah Goldstein: Welcome Home Stranger

Rebekah Goldstein: Welcome Home Stranger
CULT Aimee Friberg Exhibitions
March 18 to May 8, 2022
1401 16th St.
San Francisco

CULT Aimee Friberg Exhibitions is pleased to announce Welcome Home Stranger, a solo exhibition of shaped paintings and sculptures by the San Francisco-based artist Rebekah Goldstein. On view from March 18 to May 8, 2022, this is Goldstein’s fourth show with CULT Aimee Friberg Exhibitions and her first solo exhibition since 2018. The gallery will release a catalog of Goldstein’s work in conjunction with the exhibition.

Rebekah Goldstein’s abstract shaped paintings and sculptures are centered around the compositional possibilities of the body and objects in space. Crafted with a spirit of metamorphosis, these assemblages interrogate their own shapes and bring to their final fixity arange of signifiers: to posture and pose, furniture and architecture. Goldstein’s work flirts with the figure, as illusionistic space glimmers through her layered processes of paint.

When This Kiss Is Over It Will Start Again, 2020 Oil on shaped canvas
49x 69 inches Courtesy of the artist and CULT Aimee Friberg Exhibitions.

Eschewing perfection, the artist instead describes each painted layer as assuming a new, subconscious role, guiding her forward and informing the object’s next steps. This nuanced result brings with it multiple perspectives — shifting figure and ground, advancing and receding upon the planes of colour — for an object that transforms itself in response to the viewer.

The artist began her practice of creating shaped paintings after becoming a mother, as a response to the changes her own body underwent during pregnancy. In all of her works, a fundamentally personal relationship to the body is melded with an art historical awareness of its practical applications in form, from the iconography of hand-gestures to the coded symbols of odalisque and contrapposto.

Crawling Back To You, 2021 Oil on shaped canvas 60 x 62
inches Courtesy of the artist and CULT Aimee Friberg Exhibitions.

In sum, these glancing allusions combine to address her grand subject of the human figure with an interrogative approach, which seeks to upend traditional conceptions of the power such forms have to alienate and normalize.

This show is curated with entirely new work, crafted throughout the past two years and under the conditions of pandemic. Working with metal, papier máchê and oil paint, Goldstein’s sculptures operate as conversational partners to her shaped paintings.

The angular, gestural configurations that recur in each speak to a continuity of formal interrogation. Her sculptures sometimes appear to be metaphysically “pulled out” of the paintings and can in turn seem to fit back into the planar works’ evanescent layers. Coating the surfaces of her paintings and sculptures alike with oil, Goldstein emphasizes the procession and mutability of both as gestational kin.

Group of sculptures, 2021 Wood, linoleum, foam, papier mache,
molding paste, oil paint Courtesy of the artist and CULT Aimee Friberg

The works exhibited in Welcome Home Stranger find their inspiration in loops, repetition and the infinitude of self-sufficiency. Born out of the seemingly endless monotony of quarantine and there cursive patterns of child-rearing (where, as in Goldstein’s layered application of paint, maturation is often too gradual to notice immediately), the paintings in both title and form evoke a pattern of self-sustainability, a nurturing cycle.

Through the material’s testament of eternal return, Goldstein invites the viewer to examine the little differences and encounter for oneself the minute variations on a theme as seamless and endless as the passage of time.

©2022 Rebekah Goldstein, CULT Aimee Friberg Exhibitions