Plymouth College of Art Lecturers release new Bloomsbury book

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Andrew Way, lecturer on BA (Hons) Graphic Communication at Plymouth College of Art, along with fellow lecturer Frédérique Santune and Neil Leonard, who previously worked at the college, worked together on ‘Web and Digital for Graphic Designers’, published by Bloomsbury.

‘Web and Digital for Graphic Designers’ is an introduction to the formats of web and digital design for students who want to understand how the processes of developing for this media work. It covers a range of topics, from the history of digital design through to designing for the web and other platforms, typography and colour choices, and coding. The book also explores the roles of people working within the digital design industry such as UX and UI artists and motion designers, through to creative directors and studios, working with clients and budgets. The publication also features interviews with working designers and studios to give further insight into the industry and their own creative processes while working on projects. 

Speaking to Andrew Way about ‘Web and Digital for Graphic Designers’, he said: “The idea for the book was first brought to life by Neil, who at the time was the Subject Leader for the BA (Hons) Graphic Communication course. Myself and Frédérique, having worked together for a number of years, both have a wide knowledge base that has always complimented each other on the subject and content of graphic design, so we thought it was a great idea to share our combined knowledge into one document.”

Plymouth College of Art Lecturers release new Bloomsbury book
Andrew Way

We wanted to specifically look at web and digital design, as this is such a big aspect of design and communication, impacting designers in all routes of design work.

Andrew Way

“A lot of discussions and late nights took place in the writing of the content and what we wanted to achieve with the book. We wanted to specifically look at web and digital design, as this is such a big aspect of design and communication, impacting designers in all routes of design work. The process and experience of writing the book was completely new to me, and I found it challenging, but it was so interesting watching the content evolve from the basics of drafting chapter headings to the content and refined material coming together. Technology and digital media have had such an impact on how we interact with each other, that we wanted to put this together within the format and the content for the book, as an introduction for those taking their first steps into web and digital design.”

The authors’ combined knowledge of collective decades worth of design, industry and academic experience has informed the book and its content. Andrew Way has worked at Plymouth College of Art for 29 years, lecturing on the BA (Hons) Graphic Communication course, having originally worked as a designer within the print industry, specialising in publication design. Since being at the college, Andrew has worked on development designing and creating websites and apps that are used in European universities and colleges, and regularly works with international clients on a range of digital, web and print projects.

Frédérique Santune is a designer with fifteen years experience focused on cultural and educational fields, mainly in Paris. Currently a PhD student at CADRE University of Wolverhampton, she is educated to Masters level in Art and Design, specialising in graphic and digital design, at École Supérieure Art et Design d’Amiens, France, as well as gaining extra research experience in interactive research A.R.I at École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, Paris. Frédérique is interested in both paper and screen-based media, focusing her teaching on encompassing practice and theory, currently teaching on BA (Hons) Graphic Communication at Plymouth College of Art as well as on the MA Visual Communication course.

Neil Leonard is the founder of Design Your Career and as a freelancer, has worked with a number of private clients and design agencies in projects including branding, publishing, web design and advertising. As an educator, he has worked on employability initiatives that have involved working closely with industry to ensure students have a wide array of opportunities available to them upon graduation.

Plymouth College of Art Lecturers release new Bloomsbury book
Web and Digital for Graphic Designers

Andrew said, “I remember when digital watches first came out, at the time I was in school and I remember a really inspiring teacher asking us ‘hands up anyone who owned one of the new digital watches’, with a few of us raising our hands. He then asked, does anyone know how they work? We all put our hands down! That was the first time I started to think about technology and how we all take for granted the amazing things that are all around us, something that someone somewhere invented or designed. Digital and web design are an ongoing progression of that moment, it’s always evolving and changing the way we look at the world.”

“The BA (Hons) Graphic Communication course is constantly evolving and changing with the times, and taking in all these new forms of design communication makes the course stimulating and interesting; where will design communication go next? I am constantly surprised and inspired by the students and where they’ll progress within the industry and the careers they’ll have. It all makes the job worthwhile!”

“I’m always looking at adding new content to my teaching, integrating further digital media practices that will be interesting and exciting, which you’ll just have to come on the course to find out about! I encourage all aspiring designers to be inquisitive and never stop looking around you at how design communication impacts everyone. There are always new ways to communicate, you just have to find them. And as for any more books? Maybe… but I think I’ll have a rest first!”

‘Web and Digital for Graphic Designers’ is available from Amazon and Waterstones as well as through Bloomsbury.

Reviews of ‘Web and Digital for Graphic Designers’:

“‘Web and Digital for Graphic Designers’ is a welcome and much needed addition to the canon of graphic design textbooks. It is visually rich and packed with essential advice from experienced practitioners. It takes the reader through all aspects of web and digital design, including theoretical perspectives, the design process, technical application, and all the while demystifying complex terminology. The authors have done an expert job of making the title both clear and comprehensive, while ensuring it is as accessible as possible. This is an essential title for any contemporary graphic designer or design student.”

–  Nigel Ball, University of Suffolk, UK.

“Unlike any book that is out there now.”

–  Jill Woodruff-Gerald, Hennepin College, USA.

“‘Web and Digital for Graphic Designers’ is for anyone who wants an in-depth view of graphic design, its history, and its practical application. I found the book to be extremely well organized with very thorough yet concise content. I especially enjoyed the chapter on coding because it’s something I’ve always wanted to learn more about, and the authors did a superb job making such a complex topic easy to comprehend. Another great feature is that the authors include a Q&A from a handful of industry professionals that gives an added perspective of the industry. Kudos, very well done!!”

–  Amanda Lasser, Pratt Institute, USA.

©2021 Plymouth College of Art, Andrew Way

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