‘Personal Effects’ by Paul Insect

‘Personal Effects’ by Paul Insect
19th November 2021 – 2nd December 2021
Lauriergracht 142
101GRT Amsterdam

From 19th November to 2nd December 2021 Avant Arte will stage an exhibition in Amsterdam – their first ever in the city – with longtime collaborator, Paul Insect. The exhibition of original paintings and sculptures will be accompanied by a pair of exclusive print editions and an unprecedented view of the elusive artist’s practice.

The exhibition takes place on Lauriergracht, a street with a rich history for both artists and collectors – from Rembrant’s protégé Govaert Flink to noted impressionist George Hendrik Breitner.

‘Personal Effects’ is a culmination of work from that quiet time. A series of polaroids document the making of various works – large paintings, sculptures and videos. I’ve always seen myself as a multidisciplinary artist, I enjoy working with all forms and materials, collaging them like ideas, and this show touches on some of those interests.

Paul Insect

‘Personal Effects’ gathers the results of more than a year lived between novel circumstance and old routine, and attests the self-sustained appetite for experiment found in the studio of an art world maverick. New paintings and sculptures, realised in a dizzying array of forms, techniques and materials, will appear alongside their associated effects, effects which – from jig dolls to polaroid frames – act as both reference and document.

“It’s our first ever show in Amsterdam, the city where we started Avant Arte – still home to
lots of our team and our warehouse. We’re super excited to be doing it with Paul. We’ve been collaborating for a few years now and the result is always something special – this time is no exception!” – Christian Luiten, Avant Arte co-founder

Exhibited Works
The exhibition includes 27 paintings and 15 sculptures alongside a collection of collages, drawings, photographs and multi-media assemblages. The divisions between each aforementioned category are wilfully blurred.



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