Julia Moniewski 'Isolation' Oil on canvas

Thompson’s Gallery London proudly present ‘On the Rise’, a group exhibition of new paintings by the top four breakout artists of 2021. Thompson’s will unveil new bodies of work by Athena Anastasiou, Julia Moniewski, Kemi Onabule and Ania Hobson.

Athena Anastasiou ‘Bringing The Past To New Horizons’ Mixed media

The artists of ‘On the Rise’ were selected for what they bring to art’s longest standing tradition, figurative painting. Historically dominated by artists of a certain pedigree [read: white, male, well connected], the discipline is now invigorated and evolving thanks to the fresh perspectives and stories told by talent no longer barred from entry.

Ania Hobson ‘Red II’ Oil on canvas

Londoner Athena Anastasiou integrates woven textiles to extend the canvas beyond its boundaries. The effect is not only enticingly tactile, but imbues the painted composition with a dripping cascade. Geneva-based painter Julia Moniewski creates colourful, angular figures comprised by passages of smaller marks and shapes. The finished images are joyous and teeming with movement. Kemi Onabule takes viewers on a joyride through her mind’s eye, exploring key human needs and desires away from the complicated shackles of modernity.

Kemi Onabule ‘At Peace’ Oil on canvas

London born and raised, Onabule’s work asks important questions of the metropolitan lifestyle she and her viewers know so well. Suffolk’s own Ania Hobson paints friends and family in social or nostalgic settings, weaving cinematic narratives for audiences to get lost in.

Hobson’s technique is both impressive and individual, purposely flattening table tops or cropping closely to figures’ hair and face to show highly textured strokes containing multiple colours in one strand of hair or marble caf  counter.

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