Nicky Diamonds and Wale collaborate for NFT release on ArtGrails

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ArtGrails presents “Tiffany Dunk”, an exclusive NFT collaboration with two renowned figures, Nicky Diamonds and hip-hop legend Wale. This exclusive NTF features the iconic Nicky Diamonds designed SB Dunk sneaker, paired with two unreleased versions of Wale’s new single, “Tiffany Dunk”.

Nicky Diamonds and Wale collaborate for NFT release on ArtGrails

This is NFT is a first for both Nicky Diamonds and Wale and will be available in two editions, an open edition at $500 each with a maximum of 1500 NFTs minted and the collectors favourite, the Grail edition at $5000, which only has 25 editions available. The sale begins March 31st at 1 PM EST on the ArtGrails platform.

ArtGrails is an NFT Platform established by Veteran Art Dealer Avery Andon, street artist Alec Monopoly and his brother. Every release on the platform is curated, focusing on minting the most unique and iconic NFT “grails”. They will soon be releasing the first luxury watch NFT in collaboration with leading jeweller Jacob & Co.

SALE BEGINS MARCH 31st at 1PM EST STANDARD TIME, exclusively at artgrails


OPEN NFT: (Maximum of 1500 NFT’s Minted): $500 Each

GRAIL NFT: Edition of 25 / $5000 Each

All NFT’s will be MINTED in advance and issued within 24 hours of purchase.

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