NFTUK takeover at W1 Curates

NFTUK takeover at W1 Curates

W1 Curates and FLANNELS London partner with leading NFT community NFTUK, to host a first-of-its-kind multi-floor store takeover at the FLANNELS London Flagship store. As the burgeoning NFT scene continues to grow, W1 Curates and FLANNELS are
democratizing the space, giving unprecedented access to consumers in an immersive take over with panels and workshops from some of the world’s most prolific and coveted authorities in the space.

NFTUK takeover at W1 Curates

With technology and innovation being central pillars of the FLANNELS new luxury agenda, this collaboration further solidifies their position in becoming a destination for experimentation and collaboration at the intersection of fashion, art and music.

Set on the eve of fashion week, this takeover highlights the confluence of fashion and
technology, playing a vital role in new luxury and how luxury continues to evolve and engage new audiences. Set over the course of a day, topics will cover fashion, music, gaming and the Metaverse, while NFTUK’s immersive artists will take over W1 Curates on the FLANNELS store exterior on Oxford Street.

Panelists will include Marco Marchesi, Chief Technology Officer of leading digital fashion house The Fabricant, Token Traxx founder Tommy D and Cyptro artist Gordon Berger. Also present will be Silly Tuna, Founder of Soulcast, the NFT platform focused on collecting and customizing limited edition Metaverse objects and Daniel Cheetham from Hot Dark Matter.

Fashion Metaverse
– Marco Marchesi / CTO @ the Fabricant
– Kadine James / Founder The Immersive Kind
– James Joseph / Founder and editor at @CYBRMAGAZINE
– Beckie Stanion CMO / Frasers Group
– Holly Wood (Panel Moderator) / Head of Artist Relationships at Rarible
– SillyTuna / Founder of Soulcast
– Luke Gibson / Playmint
– Fox Rogers / Co-founder Cauldron
– Daniel Cheetham / CEO and Founder Hot Dark Matter- Omri Bouton (Panel Moderator) / Blockchain, Crypto, NFT & Web3 Lawyer at Sheridans

Art in Web3
– Gordon Berger / Phygital Artist and TED Speaker
– KidEight / Creator of EVOL
– Graceland / Phygital Artist
– Sunny Uqian / Immersive and AI artist
– Tina Ziegler (Panel Moderator) / Digital Art Curator
– Harry Yeff (aka Reeps1) / Founder of Voice Gems
– Tommy Danvers / Founder Token Traxx
– Ian Matthews – Kasabian
– Bryan Georges / iiNDYVERSE
– Mark Paney (Panel Moderator) / Founder of Chapel

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