NFT*: Ricky Crespo And Jeremy Kidd

Ricky Crespo, Is this the way NFT (2022)

NFT*: Ricky Crespo And Jeremy Kidd
December 7 through January 21
Anita Rogers Gallery
494 Greenwich Street
Ground Floor
New York
New York 10013


abbreviation or noun

     1. non-fungible token:

          a.    unique digital identifier that cannot be copied, substituted, or subdivided, that is recorded in a blockchain, and that is used to certify authenticity and ownership (as of a specific digital asset and specific rights relating to it)

          b.   the asset that is represented by an NFT

NFTs embody the union of finance, tech, and creativity; these forward-thinking pieces of technology are ushering in a new way for these industries to interact and support one another. When used on the blockchain, a decentralized digital ledger that records transactions, the possibilities are boundless.

NFT*: Ricky Crespo And Jeremy Kidd
NFT*: Ricky Crespo And Jeremy Kidd

As a gallery, we are inherently curious about the capabilities of the new technology and what the potential impacts may be on the art world, and on society as a whole. For example, in the art world, this technology can be used as proof of ownership – a new way of tracking authenticity and provenance, one that can help combat fraud and forgeries. This exhibition is the first in a series the gallery plans to host in the coming years exploring the new technology and its possible creative uses.

NFT*: Ricky Crespo And Jeremy Kidd
NFT* Ricky Crespo and Jeremy Kidd Installation view

This exhibition will feature digital works by Ricky Crespo and Jeremy Kidd. Crespo is a career music producer with an award-winning discography who works in animation and digital art. Crespo has created several original NFTs for the exhibition, ranging from dance and music pieces to works confronting addiction in our society. Kidd’s NFTs are based on his time-lapse photography.

Ricky Crespo, Is this the way NFT (2022)
Ricky Crespo, Is this the way NFT (2022)

The artist composites multiple long exposures on top of one another to create striking images capturing the essence of his subject. His work focuses on the city of Los Angeles, including one piece that chronicles the changing architecture and expansion of downtown Los Angeles from 2007 – 2019, as well the growth of homelessness over that period. 

The exhibition is on view December 7 through January 21 at 494 Greenwich Street, GFL in New York City.

*Definition as provided by Merriam-Webster Dictionary

©2023 Ricky Crespo, Jeremy Kidd, Anita Rogers Gallery

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