National Geographic Releases “GM: Daybreak Around the World” Limited Edition NFTs

National Geographic is synonymous with stunning photography, high-quality content and in-depth coverage of important issues affecting our planet and its inhabitants. In a blind limited edition NFT drop in collaboration with web3 studio and NFT platform Snowcrash, the geographical behemoth is giving you the opportunity to own some of the world’s most beautiful moments captured at dawn. 

“GM: Daybreak Around the World” sees National Geographic and Snowcrash bringing together 16 National Geographic photographers and digital artists who captured and registered daybreak around the world. 

National Geographic - Tara Workman - Rise Shine
Tara Workman
“Rise & Shine”

The collection includes works of prominent figures in the NFT community – each contributing to the project with stunning imagery and unique stories, with some sharing traditional documentary photographs and others exploring the narrative opportunities that the medium of NFTs provides. 

“GM: Daybreak Around the World” will be launching late morning on January 17 2023, and will be limited to just 1888 NFTs in reference to National Geographic’s founding year and honouring their 135th anniversary.

National Geographic - Delphine Diallo“Uprising”
Delphine Diallo“Uprising”

List of photographers and their pieces featured in “GM: Daybreak Around the World” include:

  1. Justin Aversano: “A Good Morning at the top of Mt. Sinai”
  2. Jimmy Chin: “Cerro Torre at Sunrise”
  3. Delphine Diallo: “Uprising”
  4. Yagazie Emezi: “We Are Light”
  5. Mia Forrest: “Flanksia, In Motion”
  6. Kris Graves: “Berry Creek”
  7. Aaron Huey: “Sunrise In The Void”
  8. ioulex: “7:04:05”
  9. John Knopf: “gm”
  10. Cristina Mittermeier: “Good morning, turtle”
  11. Renan Ozturk: “Everest Sunrise”
  12. Cath Simard: “Indélébile”
  13. Ben Strauss: “Pursuit of Equilibrium No.16”
  14. Tara Workman: “Rise & Shine”
  15. Reuben Wu: “New Dawn Fades”
  16. Michael Yamashita: “Hallelujah Sunrise”

Founded in 1888, National Geographic’s mission is to increase and diffuse geographic knowledge while promoting the conservation of the world’s cultural, historical, and natural resources, one of the most respected brands in the world for coverage of our planet and its occupants, operating in over 170 countries. Launched in March 2022, Snowcrash is committed to creating web3 software and services that will allow artists, publishers, and brands to build communities, establish value, and gain ownership with NFTs.

National Geographic - Ioulex “7:04:05”

“GM: DAYBREAK AROUND THE WORLD” launches late morning on January 17 2023, and will be minted on the Polygon Blockchain. To register for the presale or learn more about this NFT, head over to Snowcrash’s website

Due to this being an NFT project, please DYOR (Do your own research)

©2023 National Geographic, Snowcrash

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