Nancy Cadogan: Celebrates The Beauty Of The Ordinary at Gillian Jason Gallery

After her successful “Mind Zero” show in 2019 at Saatchi Gallery, celebrated British figurative painter Nancy Cadogan opened her highly anticipated solo exhibition, “Still Life”, at female-focused gallery space Gillian Jason Gallery on 13th June 2022.

This new exhibition presents Cadogan’s intimate series of works depicting representations of traditional domestic scenes; these paintings showcase the unifying deep thematic roots of literature, time and stillness. Yet celebrating the simplicity and beauty of the ordinary, emphasising the often-forgotten pleasure of solitude, represents the importance of ‘taking a moment’ while using the vantage point of the female gaze; Cadogan’s paintings illustrate the therapeutic qualities of tending to one’s own inner life.

Nancy Cadogan - still point
Still point
Courtesy of The artist

Cadogan places her muses lost in thought in tranquil uncomplicated scenes of colour, encouraging viewers to contemplate each canvas deeply and explore how we physically inhabit space whilst our thoughts travel through places, things and memories. In these works, she creates glimpses of stories unfolding beyond the canvas. From the female figure in the presence of her reflection to the fleeting sunlight captured in a glass vase, Cadogan invites us into worlds that can be felt but not always seen. Each work is a snapshot- a form of visual haiku where the mundane bear’s unspeakable importance, arousing sensory moments of awareness with poetic emotion.

Nancy Cadogan: Where The Wild Things Grow II
The Wild Things Grow II
Courtesy of The artist

Cadogan has gained a reputation for subtle observations of domestic scenes merging still life elements with the imagination, creating scenes of solitude without loneliness, still but not fixed. Yet, despite her works appearing concise, the emotional connotations are complex; learning to see them demands your full attention to the intricacies beneath, an artistic experience not to be missed.

Nancy Cadogan’s “Still Life” opens from 13th June until the 2nd July 2022 at Gillian Jason Gallery.

Nancy Cadogan: ‘The Still Point’
13th June until the 2nd July 2022
19 Great Titchfield Street

©2022 Nancy Cadogan