‘LUCKY CHARM’ a Group Exhibition of 28 International Artists

4th – 14th November, 2021
Hoxton Arches,
E2 8HD

‘LUCKY CHARM’ a Group Exhibition of 28 International Artists. Presented by Lisa Boudet in association with Moosey Art. Opening the 4th until the 14th of November 2021 at Hoxton Arches in London, United Kingdom. What is Lucky Charm?

Something that tilts the scales in your favour when the odds are against you. It is something that is believed to bring you luck. Something that with its presence alone gives you a world con-quering confidence.

Ayane Yamamoto

Uncovering the most exciting untold stories, from some of the art world’s most influential people one video at a time. Lisa Boudet was the first to interview Mathieu Van Damme (Founder of Case Studyo), Artist Jordy Kerwick, Christian Luiten and Curtis Penning (Founders of Avant Arte) just to name a few.

Lisa interviewing Sasha Bogojev, Curator & Contributing Editor of
Juxtapoz Magazine at the opening of his show in Antwerp.

Moosey Art is known for their bright vivid vision when searching for new talents. They have previously worked with some of the most sought after artists currently setting records at auction, including TIDE, Roby Dwi Antono, Felix Treadwell and César Piette.

Aaron Robert Baker: Head

This exhibition was brought together with the intention of encap-sulating those moments when your Lucky Charm allows the dice of life to bounce in your favour. A chance or an opportunity that somehow now presents its self. 28 international artists stamp their own expression of what Lucky Charm means to them through varying medium. The full list of participating artists includes:

Julian Adon Alexander: Music Teacher

Eva Beresin (HU)
Tvorogov Brothers (RU)
Jack Jubb (UK)
Ayane Yamamoto (JP)
Yoora Lee (KR)
Adrian Hobbs (AU)
David von Bahr (SE)
Margaux Laurens-Neel (FR)
Mariah Ferrari (US)
Aaron Robert Baker (US)
Madeleine Leplae (FR)
Genevieve Cohn (US)
Zoe McGuire (US)
Romain Fueler (FR)

Anders Lindseth (US)
Charlotte Fox (US)
Ru8icon (US)
Sonyo (Lee Seungha) (KR)
Taishi Nishi (JP)
Laurent Allard (FR)
Julian Adon Alexander (US)
Andy Cahill (US)
Kathryn Mecca (US)
Toru Ishii (JP)
Anthony Peyton Young (US)
Nicholas Zepeda (US)
Kristen Sanders (US)
Thomas Linder (US)

Kristen-Sanders: A Reverse Side of Presence



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