Lotta | Noritoshi Mitsuuchi 

Lotta | Noritoshi Mitsuuchi
“Clouds & Ghosts”
February 12 – March 05 2022

255 Bowery
New York
NY 10002

GR gallery is pleased to announce “Clouds + Ghosts”, a duo show featuring Japanese artists, Noritoshi Mitsuuchi and Lotta (Ayano Nakano). A well balanced and uplifting show that brings together a variety of characters that produce a whimsical charm and an everlasting story line. This show will feature 16 brand new artworks by the two artists that will highlight color and monochromatic creativity, engaging in a conversation about the infinite possibilities through which the artists alter egos—fixed on canvas through an exhilarating palette comparable to that of pop art—interact with one another.

The common thread that unifies the different styles and defines the core of the exhibition can be identified in a joyful and playful aesthetic, in a colorful and amusing variety of techniques and in a light, yet attentive to details and concept, spirit. Noritoshi’s characters, that are usually seen hovering over clouds, stimulates the viewer’s memory and imagination by focusing on beauty that may be subtle, yet surely exists in the vast history of art.

His idea of putting a motif on the clouds comes from the Statue of Unchu Kuyo Bosatsu in the Hoo-do Hall of Byodo-in temple in Japan. Ayano, starting from self-taught painting, Lotta, has been active in Tokyo since 2017 as the starting point of her art career.

The media she creates are mainly acrylic and line art, and she is also widely engaged in various activities, such as: fashion design , tattoo design and live painting. Led by a ghostly black cat, named “Socks”, with its pitch-black body and only the tip of its tail white, as if it were wearing socks, her works combines the playfulness and emptiness of having what once was to what used to be.

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