Lizette Chirrime Prioritizes Her Soul And Sentiment Towards The Natural World

Mozambican artist Lizette Chirrime‘s visually striking collages are rich depictions of her deep affinity to nature, heritage and the human condition. Crafted from recycled materials, printed fabrics, beads and items sourced within her community.

She transforms unadorned objects into a contrasting language. That dances between imagery and abstraction, inviting you to contemplate the figures within her juxtaposed compositions of meaning.

Lizette Chirrime

I find my art as a tool to evoke awareness in humans to preserve the space and world that we live in

Lizette Chirrime

Chirrime’s practice is soulful and reverent, befitting an artist whose essence is to inspire others to live with a sense of wonder in the world around them. Her artistic choices stem from her spiritual principles, which she defines as “a prayer to the universe”, an intention motivated by the desire to heal the planet from overconsumption and greed.

Her current works focus on the significance of African motherhood and maternal figures, celebrating their legacy, strength, and grace with a symbolic agency, a compelling display of ancestry and artistry.

This diverse approach of textural details, imagery, and heritage patterns unveils the beauty of Chirrime’s history and culture in an aesthetic that’s all her own and reminds us of the importance of self-expression. We managed to catch up with Lizerette to talk about her creative process, inspiration and more.

Q: Hi Lizette, can you please introduce yourself for those who don’t know you? 

A: My name is Lizette Chirrime, from Mozambique. I’m a multidisciplinary artist, working with various objects and materials–mainly fabric.

In South Africa, 2021
Fabric stitched on canvas 42 x 34″
Courtesy of the artist and Morton Fine Art
Q: Can you tell us how you got started in arts and the direction in which your work is going?

A: It was an evening of the full moon on a Friday the 13th, in 2003 when it all started. I woke up feeling strange, and all that could calm me was working with scrap fabric. I put my materials together and created a doll that evening. After that, I never stopped creating, even with all challenges that surrounded me. I began learning where I could find what I needed and have mainly worked with recycled materials from that point.

The Boy Who Stopped the Snake, 2014
Fabric collage
58 x 50″
Courtesy of the artist and Morton Fine Art
Q: You describe your creative process as “a prayer to the Universe” Can you tell the inspiration and the purpose behind this?

A: I call my creative process as prayer, because, in a way, I find my art as a tool to evoke awareness in humans to preserve the space and world that we live in. From my point of view, we humans are damaging Mother Earth in many unnecessary ways, not doing much to clean nor maintain our environment.

African Single Mother, 2021
Fabric collage and machine sewing
44 x 34.50″
Courtesy of the artist and Morton Fine Art
Q: Your symbolic piece, African Single Mother, a unique textile composition, illustrates a mother slightly distanced from her child. Can you tell us the significance of this piece and its meaning?

A: In many cases in Africa and other places, women become mothers at a very early age. Most of the time, these women are forced to distance themselves from the child so that they can provide–even travelling to unknown places if necessary. In my case, I had to leave my child behind, as I needed to leave Mozambique to discover my true self. I couldn’t take her with me because I was going to an unknown place with no money or security. It was survival mode.

Lizette Chirrime Rituals for Soul Search, 2022 Installation image
Q: “Rituals for Soul Search” Your current exhibition at Morton Fine Art in Washington features  new works you describe as a direct conversation with soul and spirit. What can visitors expect to experience?

A: I expect people to see and feel whatever connects with their souls and spirits. I believe we are all different, yet at the same time, one. We are very much connected to each other. The universe is a body, and we are the cells that make it up.

Therefore, I can transmit a message that resonates with many. I’m searching for my full soul, spirit, and purpose in the universe, and I believe that gets difficult when the cells distance themselves from each other. Togetherness, along with love, is a healer.

As Minhas Percorridas, 2022
37 x 59.5″
Fabric and mixed media stitched on canvas
Courtesy of the artist and Morton Fine Art
Q: What’s next for you as an artist?

A: Next is to spread my talent and creativity with my people and communities and raise more awareness of healing. We must spread love, light and truth.

Q: Lastly, what does art mean to you?

A: Art for me means living in harmony with all around you, being free to express your feelings and respecting one another.

©2022 Lizette Chirrime, Morton Fine Art

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