Liz Markus I’m So Happy

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Liz Markus I’m So Happy Drops Tuesday 20th April at 6pm BST

Unit Drops is delighted to present I’m So Happy, 30 wonderful hand-embellished editions from Liz Markus’ popular T-Rex series. The artist’s debut release with Unit Drops follows the success of her recent solo exhibition Super Disco Disco Breakin’ with Unit London. I’m So Happy launches here on our website on Tuesday 20th April at 6pm BST, and will be offered on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis. 

Liz Markus I'm So Happy

About Liz Markus

Liz Markus’s work is largely informed by her experience growing up as a Gen X, influenced by the rawness of punk, grunge music and the culture of the era. Her process is immediate and intuitive, employing bold and colourful washes of acrylic paint over raw canvas, but often returns to key visual reference points such as dinosaurs, hippies, cavemen, monsters and depictions of fashion. Markus’s artworks are motivated by the conflict between psychological repression and liberation, a theme that pervades her practice as a whole. In this spirit, the artist allows the subconscious to be a crucial guiding presence within her works.

Liz Markus I'm So Happy
Liz Markus

Markus lives and works in Los Angeles. She has exhibited widely, presenting solo shows at Maruani Mercier (Brussels, Belgium), Nathalie Karg (New York, NY), Zieher Smith (New York, NY), White Columns (New York, NY), Loyal Gallery (Stockholm), and other notable international galleries.

©2021 Liz Markus, Unit London

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