Leading UK Games Developer Jagex Joins Forces With Central Saint Martins

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UK games publisher and developer Jagex joins forces with graduates from arts and design college Central Saint Martins, UAL, to design a new limited-edition Jagex-inspired merchandise and products. Jagex is well known for its legendary games RuneScape and Old School Runescape, two of the world’s most successful online games. 

The company has partnered with Central Saint Martins to add a new spin to its brand as it scales and shows its support for the British design industry and its international graduates.

Coffee Maker

The project challenged UAL’s BA Product Design graduates to create a collection of products in line with Jagex’s core values of community collaboration, scientific creativity, and courage for change while leveraging the company’s iconic logo as inspiration. UAL Graduates had the opportunity to submit their concepts for a range of consumables, clothing, tech, convenience and vanity items. Four designers were invited to pitch their designs that would eventually move into production.


Six products were chosen from the four designers. The products included the Choc Bloc, a chocolate selection cast in the style of colourful building blocks to assemble into playful architectural combinations. A coffee dripper and jug designed to evoke a computer loading symbol and the Jagex logo; the Infinite Light decorative candle and incense holder; an articulated lamp; and a wireless phone charger.


The full details of the range will be revealed soon, with a selection from the range of chosen designs made available for general purchase in limited numbers via Jagex’s own store page from 2022, starting from £12 per unit.


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