Jordan Sullivan: In a Country Without a Name

Jordan Sullivan: In a Country Without a Name
11 December 2021–8 January 2022
8255 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles CA 90048

Jordan Sullivan: In a Country Without a Name is the artist’s first exhibition with Simchowitz. Sullivan’s paintings look as if moments from a movie are occurring; fragments where larger than life figures break the viewers’ sense of scale. This deliberate destabilising element is intended as the artist pulls the rug from underneath, removing the easy comfort of looking.

Image Courtesy of Simchowitz

His American imaginary is loaded, barren, and desperate. His figures—straggly travellers traipsing through casinos, forlorn punks staring into the distance, boxers in the final round at a match, tired patrons at a dive bar—beg the question, what is America? Is this everything? At the same time, these works still dare to wonder what else can it be?

Despite his colourful, fantastical backdrops, the artist’s paintings juxtapose the myth of America and the actual history of America, two histories that developed simultaneously and became tangled. The artist explains that this has made it difficult to tell what is real and what is mythology.

His works depict this strange in-between, illustrating historical reality even as they put forth quixotic fictions. Sullivan’s paintings break down spatial distances between people, nature, and buildings. Objects are physically and psychically closer together here than in real life.

They appear as a kind of abstraction or a psychic no man’s land, moving their viewer into a space of uncertainty. He creates these landscapes by spilling dye onto raw canvas then layering on paint. Found materials like old soldier duffle bags, seed bags, old paper torn from books are all fair game. Manipulated by time and use, these materials add additional mystery to Sullivan’s already intricate canvases.

In a Country Without a Name opens Saturday, December 11th, 2021, with an opening reception from 10am–6pm, and will run through January 8th, 2022.

©2021 Jordan Sullivan, Simchowitz