Intersecting Identities

Intersecting Identities
February 10th – March 15th
Gallery ARUSHI
1243 W Temple St, LA

An Exhibition of artworks by 12 international artists representing the African diaspora

Arushi Gallery and So Much Art are pleased to announce “Intersecting Identities”, an exhibition of artworks by 12 international contemporary artists representing the African Diaspora. The show will be opening on February 10th, 2022 and will be on view until March 15th, 2022.

Tosin Kalejaye – The Sojourner II

Given the vastness and cultural diversity within the African Diaspora, “Intersecting Identities” attempts to emphasize the resonances and divergences of artworks from different cultures, geographical boundaries, singularities and artistic approaches.

Victor Ubah

Curated by Arushi Kapoor and Tina Tangalakis, this collection of contemporary artworks investigates a shared experience that goes beyond physical boundaries. Through different mediums, textures and techniques, “Intersecting Identities” juxtaposes the works of twelve artists to showcase their unique identities as influenced by their individual environments. The observer is invited to view the unbreakable ties that bind them, without any actual interaction.

ADULPHINA IMUEDE- Sanguine, 2022

The show consists of 24 artworks by 12 international artists representing the stark contrasts and similar crux of the African Diaspora. The artists are Annan Affotey, Glenn Hardy, Tosin Kalejaye, Victor Ubah, Adulphina Imuede, Jupiter Lockett, Clarence James, Rufai Zakari, Michelle Okpare, Chiderah Bosah, Ametefe Kukubor and Idris Habib.

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