Hedonova Provides Alternative Asset Investments in NFTs and Art

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Investing art has always been a puzzling situation for the savviest of investors. Do you invest due to aesthetic appreciation or the potential for long-term returns?   

Everyone knows that you’re supposed to diversify your investments to safeguard your portfolio. A prime example of diversification is NFTs. The art world has witnessed this medium take centre stage in the last few years. NFTs made a meteoric rise gaining mainstream attention with a record sale of 69 million dollars for an art piece created by Beeple

The NFT movement shows no signs of slowing down. This defining moment put NFTs on the map; as word about Beeple’s groundbreaking sales thundered through the art world, investors became fascinated by NFTs potential promise of high returns.   

Mona Lisa

Helping investors navigate the complicated landscape of alternative investing is Hedge fund Hedonova, based in Delaware, United States. Hedonova provides a platform for investors to gain exposure to alternative investments. The fund is fully managed and invests in everything from Art, NFTs, Cryptocurrencies to wine, so you’re automatically diversified.

Alternative asset classes have traditionally been accessible only to High Net Worth Individuals. Hedonova aims to bridge this gap for the retail investor with a minimum capital requirement of just $1000.

Why Hedonova?

Hedonova’s investment team consists of experienced alternative asset investors who take on all the heavy lifting with knowledge of markets and assets to deliver an accessible solution. Investing with Hedonova is seamless and borderless; anyone can do it regardless of location!

It’s not just about restrictions imposed by banks either, as many retail investors may also limit their investments to small sums that don’t add up to what most hedge fund managers expect their investors’ capital contributions to be.

What investments are offered by Hedonova?

Hedonova has a diverse portfolio focused on growth to deliver above market returns to it’s clients the wide variety of asset classes include:

  • Fine art
  • Data center real estate
  • Vacation rental real estate
  • Startups
  • Cryptos, NFTs and Web3.0
  • Agricultural economy
  • Students from top universities
  • Equipment financing
  • Listed equities
  • EM P2P Lending
  • VC/PE funds
  • Media Royalties
  • Litigation Finance
  • Wine

So How much does it cost to invest?

Hedonova’s charges are relatively low compared to the per the standard hedge fund model. 

1% annual management fee is charged on the investment amount.

10% performance fee is charged on the gains investors make on their investments. The performance fee is charged on a high-water mark basis.

Who’s the team behind Hedonova?

The Hedonova team comprises experienced operators that know how to navigate the world of alternative investments.

Alexander Cavendish is the CEO. With degrees in applied mathematics and computer science from Zurich ETH, Alex’s career panned across UBS, and Morgan Stanley, a derivative modelling path for the former and investment banking focused on financial services firms for the latter.

Suman Bannerjee is the CIO. Suman has extensive experience investing in emerging market experience and alternative investments, first for Millennium Partners, Suman makes investment decisions at Hedonova.

How to start investing with Hedonova?

Investors need to express interest in investing by filling up the form on the Hedonova website or by emailing/WhatsApping us. An expert will get in touch with the investor to explain the process and initiate KYC formalities.

Once all the KYC-related formalities are done, investors can add capital to their Hedonova account and start investing.

“There is an inherent risk to the capital with investing. The value of your investment may fluctuate. The information above should not be considered as financial advice.”

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