Have You Been Saint Hoax Yet?

A question I dare you to answer, you’re probably racking your brain right now searching your memory bank for great April Fools moments which turned out to be a great hoax. However, this a different type of deception altogether. We are talking about the phenomenal middle eastern pseudonymous artist Saint Hoax, who coined the phrase “POPlitical art.”

Saint Hoax takes the cultural dialogue of expression to a whole another level creating sincere meaningful political and social statements, through his trademark style of blending pop culture, consumerism and politics to develop his icon works. Saint artworks consist of different types of materials (including oil painting, lenticular, and digital printing.

Princest Diaries

Saint Hoax is known for repurposing Disney characters out their original context and using them for social awareness campaigns to make a powerful statement. In his 2014 campaign title Princest Diaries to raise awareness of sexual abuse.

Jasmine + Cinderella

Disney Princesses to Make a Powerful Statement

Then utilizes Disney lead female characters to promote sexual abuse awareness and encourage victims to report their attackers. Saint portrayed Disney princesses as sexually abused victims. Then again, with his “Happy Never After” both campaigns went viral and generated a lot of controversy.

Ariel + Aurora

Saint didn’t stop there following the success of Princest Diaries; Hoax keep creating and distributing his works through social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, engaging daily with his following.

Consequently, causing Madonna to share Saint work on International Women’s Day, the illustration of Madonna Kissing Snow White, which is about Madonna, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera eye-opening performance at 2003 MTV Music Awards.

Saint Hoax – Snow White

Another example of Saint Hoax ability to draw the worlds’ attention was his “War Drags You Out”piece which was a collection of digital illustrations portraying political and religious figures as drag queens.

Saint Hoax – War Drags You Out

The reactions were somewhat mixed, as Saint received death threat from religious extremist as they felt offended by the inclusion of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and the infamous Osama bin Laden in the outspoken art piece. However, the media Nevertheless “War Drags You Out” was well-received by the press and praised as a Captivating political commentary. At the time, this was his first piece published under the pseudonym Saint Hoax, that prepared the world for Saint political satire to explode.

Following Trumps announcement, he was running for president, and Hoax began his anti-Trump art movement with subversive visuals combine with popular culture, a form of opinion to Trumps beliefs. In October 2015, Trump made a statement that he would send Syrian refugees back to Syria if he gained the president seat.

As Saint is Syrian descendent, he didn’t take to kindle to Trump threats and created and sold blow-up dolls model after Donald Trump within a few weeks the dolls had sold out. The proceeds from the sales went directly to the UN Refugee Agency to provide much-needed resources for Syrian refugees such as blankets, food, and more.

Saint Trump doll campaign gain good leverage across international media as Saint work usually does. As him being an Artist and Activist is a right balance for any cause that Saint believes in.

March 2016, saw Saint Hoax collaborate with Plastik Magazine, and Malaak an NGO that provides aids and build schools for Syrian refugees. The project consisted of Saint photographing Syrian girls dressed as Disney princess. The proceeds of this project was allocated directly to Malaak.

Hoax is known for his use of social media as his playground, daily dropping new content on his Instagram, and getting it regrammed (reposted) even Kylie Jenner regrammed a video created by Hoax that depicted her and family members as the characters from cult teen movie Mean Girls.

The Kardashians as mean girls
PoPlitically Incorrect

Overall Saint is an artist/activist so expect more from hoax as he always delivers, Saint works are featured in many international outlets such as BuzzFeed, BBC, The New York Times, Vanity Fair and more. He has the skills and creativity to get everyone talking, and in life, that’s a good thing. So what are you waiting for, have you been Saint Hoax yet?


Solo Exhibitions
MonuMental, Plastik Gallery, Beirut

Is That All There Is, Guy Hepner, New York

PoPlitically Incorrect, The Adler Subhashok Gallery, Bangkok

Group Exhibitions
New Pop, Fort Works Art, Texas
Summer Group Show, Krause Gallery, New York
Winter Group Show, Krause Gallery, New York
22 Galerientage, Galerie Kasten, Mannheim

Art Palm Beach, The Adler Subhashok Gallery, Florida

Singapore Art Fair, The Adler Subhashok Gallery, Singapore
Beirut Art Fair, Plastik Gallery, Beirut

About Artist

Saint Hoax is a pseudonymous artist whose self-coined “POPlitical art” repurposes political and popular ethos.

©2019 Saint Hoax All rights reserved.

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