Hauser & Wirth Publishers Offers An Intimate View Of Art and Its Masters With Their New Book Releases

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Prepare to be captivated by the latest offerings from Hauser & Wirth Publishers as they take you on an immersive journey through the world of art and its masters. Get ready to be wowed by the extraordinary lineup of new titles, each providing an intimate look at the works of renowned artists.

Among the standout titles is ‘Maker’s Muck,’ an enthralling collection of responses to Nicole Eisenman’s installation of the same name. Additionally, an anthology of archival materials recounts the life of Ed Clark and the first-ever collaboration with the legendary Cindy Sherman, showcasing her latest collection of works, including a new richly illustrated edition of the intimate memoir Night Studio by Philip Guston and titles from esteemed artists Frank Bowling and Rashid Johnsons

But that’s not all. Beyond the English language, Hauser & Wirth will present the second volume of Angela Thomas ‘Max Bill and His Time’ in German, with an English edition to follow. And in anticipation of Hauser & Wirth Paris’ opening this fall, the publishers are thrilled to unveil their first-ever French-language publications.

At Hauser & Wirth Publishers, art and artists take centre stage. Michaela Unterdörfer has led the charge since 2005, spearheading a program that celebrates exceptional art, scholarship, design, and bookmaking. For the team at Hauser & Wirth, books are gateways to new ways of thinking and seeing, offering a lasting record of an artist’s work, ideas, and the discourse they inspire.

Since its inception, publishing has been a cornerstone of the gallery’s activity, underscoring its commitment to fostering an understanding and appreciation of modern and contemporary art. Today, Hauser & Wirth Publishers has earned a reputation as a leading imprint, renowned for creating unique, object-like books that showcase the very best in art and creativity. Artists’ voices are celebrated in every publication, ensuring that their works and ideas continue to inspire for years to come.

Take advantage of the opportunity to dive into the enthralling world of art with Hauser & Wirth Publishers‘ latest releases.

Cover: Eduardo Chillida: Ecrits.
Courtesy Hauser & Wirth Publishers

Eduardo Chillida: Écrits
​Edited by Nacho Fernández Rocafort
​Texts by Eduardo Chillida

French; softcover
​145 x 219 mm, 124 pages ​
​ISBN: 978-84-18934-55-1
​$25 / £24 / €24 / CHF 25 / HKD 200
​Release date: 29 January 2023

Throughout his life, Eduardo Chillida used writing as a way to record his thoughts, from using notebooks and fragments of paper, to drawing in margins. He did so intermittently, without a pre-established order. They were intimate reflections, handwritten for his own use, destined to preserve the questions to which he repeatedly returned. This is the first time that Eduardo Chillida’s writings have been translated into French.

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Night Studio: A Memoir of Philip Guston.
Courtesy Hauser & Wirth Publishers

Night Studio: A Memoir of Philip Guston
​By Musa Mayer

English; flexicover
​150 x 234 mm, 372 pages
​ISBN: 978-3-906915-75-3
​$38 / £35 / €35 / CHF 36 / HKD 325
​Release date: 25 April 2023

A richly illustrated new edition of this classic, intimate memoir by Philip Guston’s daughter, Musa Mayer, with a new afterword. ‘Night Studio’ is both a deeply personal account of growing up in the shadow of a great artist and a daughter’s quest to better understand her father through letters, notes and interviews. This edition is complemented by Mayer’s reflections on the recent reception of Guston’s work and the afterlife of her memoir, first published to critical acclaim in 1988.

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Frank Bowling: Landscape. Courtesy Hauser & Wirth Publishers

Frank Bowling: Landscape
​Essay by Dorothy Price

English; hardcover
​ISBN: 978-3-906915-79-1
​Release date: 27 May 2023

This extensively illustrated catalogue accompanies an exhibition of Frank Bowling’s work at Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles. An essay by Dorothy Price, a professor at the Courtauld in London, is complemented by plates and details showing the washes, layerings and agglomerations that characterize the past decade of the now 89-year-old artist’s work. This book is the third in a series that began with Hauser & Wirth Publishers’ release of ‘Frank Bowling: London/New York’ in 2021.

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Cindy Sherman To Debut New Works In Her Upcoming Exhibition With Hauser & Wirth Zurich
Cindy Sherman – The Gentlewoman (detail), 2019 © Cindy Sherman. Photo: Inez and Vinoodh

Cindy Sherman

​ISBN: 978-3-906915-78-4
​Release date: June 2023

Released on the occasion of a solo show at Hauser & Wirth in Zurich, this publication documents a new body of work continuing the acclaimed American artist’s photographic exploration of the tension between artifice and identity. Coming to prominence in the late 1970s with the Pictures Generation group, Cindy Sherman’s ground-breaking photographs have interrogated themes around representation and identity in contemporary media for over four decades.

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Ed Clark: The Big Sweep.
Courtesy Hauser & Wirth Publishers

Ed Clark: The Big Sweep
​Introduction by LeRonn Brooks
​Texts by Ed Clark, Michel Conil-Lacoste, Anita Feldman, April Kingsley, Corinne Robins and others. Interviews with Ed Clark by Quincy Troupe, Jack Whitten and Judith Wilson

English; flexicover
​ISBN: 978-3-906915-77-7
​Release date: September 2023

From his pioneering use of push brooms as painting tools ​ to his innovation of the shaped canvas, American artist Ed Clark’s impact on abstract painting was profound. This comprehensive publication, which features an introduction by LeRonn Brooks, will recount the story of the artist’s life and career through reprints of important historical texts and interviews with the artist, as well as photographs, letters and ephemera from his archive.

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Nicole Eisenman, Maker’s Muck, 2022 © Nicole Eisenman.
Courtesy the artist and Hauser & Wirth. Photo: Tom Powel

Nicole Eisenman: Maker’s Muck
​Texts by Hannah Baer, Hannah Black, Durga Chew-Bose, Sheila Heti, Shiv Kotecha, Matt Longabucco, Sam McKinniss, Ryan McNamara, Tess Pollok, Sam Roeck, Cyrus Simonoff, Lynne Tillman, Janique Vigier and others

​ISBN: 978-3-906915-78-4
​Release date: September 2023

At the center of Nicole Eisenman’s installation ‘Maker’s Muck,’ a plaster figure is seated at a potter’s wheel, surrounded by sculptures in various stages of formation. Eisenman has invited several authors to follow the trajectories of ‘Maker’s Muck’ and its many objects in essays, metafictional reflections and other experiments in interpretation.

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Le miroir intérieur: entretiens avec la collectionneuse Ursula Hauser.

Le miroir intérieur: entretiens avec la collectionneuse ​
​Ursula Hauser

​Edited by Laura Bechter and Michaela Unterdörfer

French; hardcover with dust jacket
​152 x 214 mm
​ISBN: 978-3-906915-76-0
​Release date: Fall 2023

In the 1980s, Ursula Hauser began quietly building what has become one of the world’s most impressive private collections of modern and contemporary art—acquiring works from visionary artists such as Louise Bourgeois, Carol Rama, Alina Szapocznikow, Franz West and many others—and in 1992, she co-founded one of today’s most important galleries, Hauser & Wirth. This translation presents the first-ever extensive and intimate account of her life and art collection in French.

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Cover: von konstruktiver klarheit: max bill und seine zeit. 1940–1952.
Courtesy Hauser & Wirth Publishers

von konstruktiver klarheit: max bill und seine zeit. ​

​By Angela Thomas

German; softcover with dust jacket
​165 x 235 mm, 840 pages
​ISBN: 978-3-906915-68-5
​Release date: Fall 2023

An artist, designer, architect, teacher, writer, publisher, curator and politician, Max Bill was one of the great polymaths of the 20th Century. In the second volume of her expansive biography on the artist, art historian Angela Thomas draws a portrait of Bill and the circles he moved in against the backdrop of the Second World War and its aftermath.

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Cover: Zeng Fanzhi. Courtesy Hauser & Wirth Publishers

Zeng Fanzhi ​
​Essays by Stephen Little, Barbara Pollack and Carter Ratcliff

English with Chinese supplement; hardcover ​
​ISBN: 978-3-906915-80-7
​Release date: Fall 2023

This publication dedicated to the recent work of Zeng Fanzhi focuses on the evolution of the artist’s practice and accompanies his exhibition at Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles in February 2023. Alongside plates and detail views showing the artist’s brushwork, the book features essays by Stephen Little, Barbara Pollack and Carter Ratcliff.

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Rashid Johnson, Seascape “The Creator Has a Master Plan” (detail), 2022

Heart-Turned-Inside-Out Poems
​Poems by Cheryl Johnson-Odim
​Artwork by Rashid Johnson

​ISBN: 978-3-906915-68-5
​Release date: Fall 2023

Poems written in the mid-1980s by Cheryl Johnson-Odim, Rashid Johnson’s mother, are here accompanied by a selection of Johnson’s recent artworks and a far-ranging conversation between mother and son.

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