x Spatial x OpenSea: A Virtual Exhibition

Exhibition: November 8th – December 6th is pleased to announce a unique first of its kind three way partnership with the world’s largest digital marketplace for crypto-collectibles and non-fungible tokens, OpenSea and virtual gallery space/metaverse, will be taking over OpenSea’s gallery on Spatial with an exclusive NFT exhibition, featuring ten artists. Following 6 years of online residency programme highlighting some of the most forward thinking, established and emerging digital artists, this is the largest commercial online exhibition to date, and the first gallery takeover of OpenSea’s first and only virtual gallery space.

© Installaion shot from OpenSea’s Gallery, 2021, , Courtesy of OpenSea Twitter

The exhibition themes focus on code, AI, generative art, and technological singularity. Artists include; Brendan Dawes, Coldie, Jake Elwes, Oswaldo Erreve, Auriea Harvey, Leo Isikdogan, Alexander Reben, Nye Thompson/UBERMORGEN, Orkhan Mammadov, and Yassi Mazandi. The artists will present a mixture of new unique works commissioned for the exhibition, historical works, and works from previous projects that fall within the theme. The exhibition exemplifies how each of these artists, all from diverse artistic backgrounds, explore different ways of autonomous systems that can create new forms, shapes, ideas, and concepts.

Working closely together with OpenSea, featured its inaugural NFT drop in April, 2021 and since has released over 20 NFTs linked to physical exhibitions in the Project Space. “’s takeover of OpenSea’s virtual gallery space on hallmarks our six year dedication to growing the understanding, appreciation, and visibility for digital art both online and in the physical space. Our growth this year in the NFT space would not have been possible without the support from our friends at OpenSea and the talented artists who have either historically been involved in the NFT space, or have recently onboarded this technology to their practice.’s user friendly multi faceted gallery spaces is ideal for’s audience, with accessibility ranging from VR headsets, desktop, or mobile devices.” says Mila Askarova, founder and CEO of and Gazelli Art House.

Several NFTs will be minted by Verisart, an independent minting & blockchain certification platform. Verisart helps artists create Certified NFTs that carry an integrated Certificate of Authenticity to help protect artist’s works and build trust with collectors through verified identities. All the NFTs in the exhibition will be certified with Verisart’s digital blockchain certificates.

©2021, Spatial, OpenSea