Gabriella Anouk Launches New Artwork The Slime Series

Since her first post in April 2020, Gabriella Anouk swiftly became one of TikTok’s youngest and most influential art sensations, amassing an impressive 400k+ followers. Aged 27 years old, she is one of the first young British artists to have rocketed to prominence on the video-based social media platform, after sharing her artistic journey and fascinating process. 

Gabriella Anouk Launches New Artwork The Slime Series
Aubergine Fetish

Set to release on 25 January 2022, Gabriella’s hyperrealismSlime Series’ is inspired by household objects, popular emojis, and the fascinating texture of slime. Bringing a surreal and sensual new twist to ordinary items, such as fruit and veg, her meticulously hand-drawn works explore attraction, revulsion and the physicality of everyday objects. They can take up to 100 hours to complete and are painstakingly hand-drawn. 

Gabriella Anouk Launches New Artwork The Slime Series
Avocado Dali

Discovering she had a flair for hyperrealism drawing, Gabriella’s career rapidly escalated when she began to explore the unexpected beauty of slime and found her TikTok followers were fascinated too. Posting her slime drenched peach, entitled ‘Peachy’, earned her 100,000 followers in just a few weeks.

The ‘Slime Series’ consists of seven hand-drawn works on paper, each measuring 81.28cm x 50.8cm (32 x 20 inches) unframed. This includes Peachy, Artichoke Pink, Avocado Dali, Dragonfruit Heart, Aubergine Fetish and Banana Blue. The seventh artwork 100cm x 100cm (39.37 x 39.37 inches) will be revealed on 25th January 2022.

Gabriella Anouk Launches New Artwork The Slime Series
Gabriella Anouk

Gabriella said: Peachy was inspired by the cheeky Peach emoji and by some beautiful peaches in my fruit bowl during the first lockdown in 2020. I loved the idea of creating a fuzzy peach texture with the sensual addition of see-through slime.  This resulted in a sexy image, which is loved by women and men alike and has become one of my most sought-after artworks.

From there, I was inspired to work with other everyday objects bringing a new perspective and pushing their boundaries.  As my drawings are created with so much control and are photographic in quality, it’s important to me that the actual subject I’m drawing isn’t controlled and has an element of disruption.”

Banana Blue

Gabriella has consolidated a career as a full-time artist with brand partnerships with high profile companies, and a new entrepreneurial role as self-made artist and businesswoman. Gabriella has showed how bringing fine art to a platform such as TikTok can help engage young audiences with fine art techniques and showcase a new empowered model of producing, sharing and owning artwork. 

Gabriella Anouk’s hand-drawn ‘Slime Series’ will launch in London on 1st February 2022. Originals and limited edition fine art prints will be available to buy from her website on 1st February 2022.  She will also be launching NFTs. 

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