Fluorescent Smogg X Mars-1 present “Portal Patch”


22nd March 2021 – Fluorescent Smogg is excited to present ‘Portal Patch’, in collaboration with world renowned US artist Mars-1.

The new collaboration focuses on 15 hexagonal, bas-relief ceramic tiles exploring natural form and geometric patterns, designed by Mars-1 and made with master craftsmen and tile artisans Viuva Lamego.

Mario Martinez, aka Mars-1, is known for his fantastic, imaginary worlds. Inspired by surrealism, street art and abstract expressionism. He creates densely composed extraterrestrial landscapes brimming with light effects, floating orbs, and other flying geometric forms, referencing physics, collective consciousness, and the mystery of life itself. Nike CEO Mark Parker and Grammy Award-winning musician Everlast are among the collectors who have bought his work.

Images from Portal Patch

The tiles are showcased via a cutting-edge virtual gallery, inviting collectors, art fans and interior designers to see the tiles in virtual environments alongside world class artists represented by Fluorescent Smogg. Collectors can visit the gallery to explore hand finished editions of the tiles and tile artworks. 

The tiles are available in 3 colourways, black, white and teal. PortalPatch.com also features a configurator, enabling visitors to place combinations of the designs to suit their application and wall size, switching between single and mixed colour schemes. It also showcases 3 different configurations from Mars himself.

The collection represents a lexicon that can be arranged in almost endless combinations, whilst retaining the artisanal process that makes these ceramics unique. The designs include shapes like Icosahedron Suction Cup and Multi Vortex, reflective of the otherworldly influences for which Mars-1 is famous.

Mars-1 in the factory

Mars-1 explains;

“When starting this project, I had the idea to build on old world knowledge and traditions, to connect with and blend modern technologies and tools for creating art.

“We worked closely with Viuva Lamego in Portugal, a company that has been in business for 150 years, to hand produce and manufacture the tiles. We utilised 3D software and printing for the prototypes to lean into the symmetrical and perfect geometric nature of the shapes and designs that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to create.”

Fluorescent Smogg has long held a reputation as a forward-thinking production house, working with the world’s leading contemporary and progressive artists for over a decade. This new venture continues that trend, merging art and interiors, fusing traditional and cutting edge crafts.
Fluorescent Smogg explains;

“This project, for us, is the perfect example of fusing a traditionally analog process such as ceramics with progressive techniques of digital fabrication. Between ourselves in the U.K,  the artist’s hometown of San Francisco and Viuva Lamego based in Lisbon, Portugal, we have brought together a beautiful product that captures the artist’s vision. It allows customers to have total control in how they configure their interior stylings by making their own ‘Portal Patch’. In short this has brought the collector closer to the creator in terms of their joint visual voice.



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