Eva Beresin at La Nave Salinas Foundation

Eva Beresin is the artist at the center of the next annual exhibition of La Nave Salinas Foundation in Ibiza after the painter Rafa Macarrón. Beresin is an artist who bets on the risky and radical.

The show exhibits paintings that center around the comic nature of tragedy specific to human behavior. They depict the banality of the grotesque in scenes that are accompanied by witnesses. Often these witnesses are depicted as animals and creatures that engage with patterns of human behavior or look to the viewer directly in surprise or utter desperation.

Eva Beresin in the studio

With site-specific works for Fundación La Nave Salinas, this exhibition will combine pieces of monumental dimensions with others of a more domestic format. “La Nave Salinas Foundation wants to share the work of an artist that we find extraordinary and who deserves to be known,” explains Lio Malca, promoter of La Nave Salinas Foundation. We are not only struck by her way of painting with radical and spontaneous strokes, but also her depiction of delicate situations with risky images.

At times, Beresin inserts self-portraits that seem funny, mainly through hands, feet, and facial features distorted in a cartoonish way – a constant in her work.

The artist uses herself as a character because she is the only person who has the authorization to represent herself. She is the only one who she can “play,” reflecting ownership of her identity in all its iterations. “I use my face and my body, I put them in the center in situations that are relevant to me, combining them with my creatures, those who have accompanied me since childhood,” Beresin states.


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